6 Reasons You Should Work With a Recruiter to Fill Your Open Jobs

Hiring is expensive, time-consuming and risky. It can also be a pain. This can put employers in an uncomfortable Catch 22, needing additional manpower, but not wanting to invest the manpower they have in the effort to hire.

As such, many businesses end up delaying necessary hires because they want to avoid the trouble, or because they can’t spare the time and energy needed to push ahead with an effective recruitment process. Or they end up running a slapdash effort that fails to bring in a quality employee.

There’s an easy cure to all these problems: use a recruiter. By bringing in a professional agency to perform this type of work, the process of bringing in competent help becomes much more effective.

Here are six benefits to using a recruiter:

Expert Advice

When you need your taxes done, you hire an accountant. When you need a contract written, you hire a lawyer. So why try hiring on your own? In other parts of your business, you make sure you have a highly skilled expert in your corner. A recruiter brings this level of professionalism to the hiring process, providing expertise and experience that you can leverage to make your entire team better.

Lower Cost

Most recruiters work on a contingency basis. If you don’t find an employee who fits your needs, you aren’t out a sizable investment. The same can’t be said for trying to run the search yourself. A large investment goes into to seeking out competent, productive employees. It’s all worth it when it goes well. Using a recruiter assures it will, leaving your bottom line that much better in the long run.

Lower Risk

Hiring can be a spin of the roulette wheel. Bringing in an unqualified employee can slow down your entire production schedule, as well as force you into another expensive, drawn-out search for a replacement. A recruiter eliminates this risk, guaranteeing that a candidate will fit. If not, they will deliver a replacement with the minimum of delay.

Ability to Fill Jobs Quickly

Hiring on your own takes time. From crafting the job posting to sifting through resumes to interviewing the candidates, the process can take weeks, even months. Working with a recruiter eliminates much of that wait time. They have prescreened candidates ready to step in as you need them.

Allows You to Focus on Your Core Business

In business, it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. Every minute you spend sorting resumes or checking references is time you aren’t concentrating on sales efforts or on improving your product.  There’s a huge opportunity cost to the recruitment process if you try to do it yourself. Using a recruiter eliminates this, giving you the freedom to concentrate on what your company does best.

Higher Level of Talent

When you post a job, your options can be limited. The people who apply are only the ones who are looking for a job at the time you post it. Meanwhile, recruiters are constantly looking for talent, so the people on their rosters are likely to have a higher baseline level of talent.

The benefits of using a recruiting service are obvious.  To learn specifics about what can be done for your business, contact LaborMax for more information.