Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Companies often think of employees as just filling jobs. You need someone on an assembly line, so you hire an assembly worker. You need an accountant, so you hire the person with the best accounting background. But this approach is too narrow.

To maximize your hiring decisions, you need to look beyond the short term and find out what deep skills you need for the long term. To get to that point, here are five questions to ask yourself to determine your real hiring needs:

How quickly am I growing?

Different growth rates require different employees. If you are rolling out new products quickly, you might focus on workers who are flexible. Instead of zeroing in on the applicant with the most experience, maybe look for a more diverse background or someone who has worked in a high-growth situation before.

If you’re growing slowly, it might be safer to focus on the here and now.

Do I need workers for today or tomorrow?

Sometimes you just need people to get the work done – reliable, competent, trustworthy people who will finish the task at hand. Other times, you’re really hiring for the future. The person coming into your office now might be a manager in two years or an executive in a decade.

Know when to take a risk. Highly technical jobs are best done by people with solid backgrounds in that task. But less specific activities – like sales staff or office workers – might provide an opportunity to take a flier on someone with less experience but higher potential upside.

Do I have the onboarding and training process in place?

Before you hire, make sure you have the next steps mapped out. It is wasteful to bring in a new worker without the appropriate training and evaluation structure in place.

Make sure you’ve put together all the training materials you need and work out plan with your current employees to get the new hire up to speed. Otherwise, you might end up paying for someone to stand around and watch other people work, or you might risk costly or dangerous mistakes.

What skills do I need beyond the basic job requirements?

Hiring employees is like building a winning sports team. A baseball team might need a third baseman, or a football team might need a running back. But teams can get more specific: “We need a third baseman and a left-handed bat that can hit with power,” or “We need a running back and someone who can block on passing downs in the red zone.”

Each job has basic requirements and a set of potential skills that fit together with other members of your overall team.

Which of these less obvious skills are you missing? Key in on applicants who show promise in those areas.

Where have I failed in hiring before?

Learning from your mistakes is a key part of life. Not every hire is going to work out. Before you engage in a new recruitment effort, look at what you’ve done in the past and figure out if you need to improve the process.

Along these lines, it’s good to get feedback. Ask your trusted employees what they thought of the last hiring process.

Expert advice can make a difference as well. A staffing agency in Toledo (and beyond!) can give you the insight you need to find that next-level hire to help you grow for the long term. Contact LaborMax to get the deep experience necessary to maximize your hiring decisions.