5 Tips to Streamline Your Job Search (Fast!)

Pick your metaphor: running in place, spinning your wheels, getting stuck on the treadmill. You started your job search with such hope and enthusiasm, but as days became weeks and then became (*gulp*) months, it has evolved from an adventure into a grind.

Part of the problem might be your approach. Unless you target your job search appropriately, it’s easy for things to get off track. But there is hope.

Streamlining your approach can lead to improved results, making your job search more efficient and ultimately more effective. Here are five tips to make that possible:

Determine Your Goals

There’s only so much time and effort you can put into a job search. By spreading yourself too thin, you create a situation where it’s easy to feel like you’re running in place. For that reason, it’s important to have goals well-defined.

Do you need to find something as soon as possible? Or is it more important to maximize your earning potential? Or do you want to find a position that optimizes your long-term career potential? Whatever goal means the most to you, make a specific target and narrow your search to those specifications.

Stay Focused

There are two aspects of keeping your job search focused:

The first is sticking to the nitty-gritty day-to-day grind of the process. If you are out of a job, then your job is getting a job. It’s easy in the short-term to get distracted by household chores or taking care of the kids (or getting caught up on Walking Dead), but keep your eye on the prize.

The second aspect of your task of staying focused: keep your goals in mind. Don’t get sidetracked by that potential interview your cousin’s wife’s friend might be able to get you in a field you aren’t even qualified for.

Make a plan and stick to it. If the plan isn’t working, then correct the plan. Don’t go bouncing around from one thing to another.

Networking, Networking, Networking

The key to real estate? Location, location, location. The key to finding a job? You guessed it.

Your best chance of cutting the line on a job search is to have an “in” for a particular position. Don’t go it alone. Contact everyone you can think of about potential positions. Be active on social media. Keep people updated on your progress.

Your friends, family and associates want to help you out and (assuming you’re a good worker) they want you to join their companies. Good communication can be key to an effective job search.

Assess What’s Working and What’s Not

Any efficient process requires constant calibration. Periodically review what you’ve done in your job search to figure out if anything needs improvement.

If you aren’t getting many interviews, maybe your resume needs to be polished. If you are getting a lot of interviews but things die there, maybe you could benefit from an interview workshop. Don’t just assume it’s bad luck. Check your process and make any improvements you can.

Get Creative

If it seems like your job search has become endless drudgery, then maybe it’s time to try something outside the box. Instead of the ongoing cycle of scouring Internet job postings, sending resumes out into the vacuum of cyberspace and obsessively refreshing your email, you should look into other ways to find potential jobs.

One potential solution is to try a staffing agency. They have professional staff dedicated to helping you find the best possible job in the shortest possible time. Contact LaborMax today to start streamlining your job search.