On-The-Job Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

There are few things more disruptive than a workplace accident. Almost by definition, they come out of nowhere and the results can have long-lasting implications for both the employees and the company. The key to limiting those implications is knowing what to do when an accident takes place. If you learn the steps to take ahead of time, you can keep a cool head in a crisis.

Notify Your Branch or Recruiter

Once the immediate situation is stabilized, notify your LaborMAX branch or recruiter, as outlined in your LaborMAX worker safety training manual. It is important to notify your recruiter immediately, so that we can ensure our safety policies are followed to the letter.

Notify a Supervisor

Next, notify your supervisor on the job. From there, the supervisor can make sure all proper protocols are followed and all the necessary administrative steps are followed per their workplace policies and their agreements with LaborMAX.

Priority Care 365

Either the supervisor or your LaborMax branch will then contact Priority Care 364. The Priority Care nursing team will work with you to advise you on where to go for care. If the accident is serious, you may be directed to an emergency room. If the accident is not quite as serious but requires medical attention, you may be directed to an urgent care center. If the accident is minor, you may be instructed on self-care.

Complete Appropriate Paperwork

Once your condition has been stabilized, you’ll need to fill out the appropriate paperwork with LaborMAX. Always consult with your recruiter directly to make sure you have all of the appropriate paperwork and you’ve filled out all necessary forms for reporting the situation. The sooner, the better. It is important to get as many accurate details about the accident as possible.

Medical Follow-Up

If you experienced an injury, you will need to follow your treatment and after-care instructions to the letter. In some cases, this will require medical follow-up. Attend all appointments in a timely fashion, keep records of your treatment instructions, and make sure to communicate with your recruiter throughout your after-care.

Learn from the Accident

Whatever the consequences of the individual accident, it is important to learn from it. There are freak accidents and one-of-a-kind mishaps, but most can be avoided with proper procedures. Think about what went wrong to cause the accident and take the steps needed to avoid it happening again in the future

If safety is a key concern to you, work with a staffing agency that values safety and can help you find the perfect position. LaborMAX is dedicated to the safety of our workforce, and we can help put you to work with organizations that also value safety. Search our current job openings or contact us today to learn more about working with LaborMAX.