How to Never Miss a Construction Project Deadline Again!

Missing a project deadline can be costly to your company. Whatever the reason, overshooting milestones and completion dates can cost you fines, can damage relationships and cause losses to your bottom line. Use these strategies to ensure you never miss a construction project deadline again.

Hire Reliable People

There are numerous factors you can’t control on a construction project, but the best way to ensure you can control as much as possible is to hire the right people from the beginning. Just one call off or no-show can set back a project by days or even weeks. Hiring reliable workers who will show up on time, every day, and put forth their best efforts is the best way to hedge against missed deadlines.

Hire Skilled Construction Workers

Reliable workers are important, but it is equally important that the people you hire to do a specific job are able to complete the work accurately. Hiring people who lack necessary skills can cause simple tasks to take longer than expected. This means it is essential to conduct thorough reference and background checks and verify any necessary licenses or certifications.

Prioritize Safety

Accidents are never planned, but most accidents on a job are the result of preventable, individual actions. Accidents and injuries can be a nightmare for a construction project. You could lose skilled workers, you will have to deal with insurance and workers’ compensation issues, and it could damage your relationship with your client. It is important to not just have strong safety policies and procedures, but to also hire people who value safe work and always engage in safe practices.

Build in Flexibility

Most contracts will have contingencies built in for weather-related issues and other non-controllable setbacks. However, there may be times when you have to put forth a full-court press in order to hit your deadlines. This means having the flexibility to ramp up your team quickly with reliable, skilled, safe temporary workers.

Partner with An Experienced Construction Staffing Firm

It is people who make the difference on any construction job, but many project managers don’t have the time, resources or experience to find people who are reliable, skilled, and safety-conscious. Partnering with a staffing expert experienced in construction can be your secret weapon to always finishing projects on time.

If your construction company is looking for skilled laborers to help you achieve your goals, or if you are looking for temporary workers to help you remain flexible on the job site, contact the staffing experts at LaborMAX today. As leaders in skilled trades staffing, we can help you ensure you’ll never miss a deadline again.