5 Tips for Starting a Temp Job

Starting a new temp job is exciting yet stressful. Walking into a new situation can be overwhelming, but it is important to tackle a temp assignment just as you’d tackle any other job. If you do well, your recruiter will be more likely to recommend you for future work and employers may be open to offering you a full-time role. Follow these five tips to set yourself up for success on a new temp assignment.

One: Talk to Your Recruiter Before Your First Day

Connect with your recruiter before your start date to make sure you have all of the correct information including the address where you are to report, start time, supervisor name, any parking instructions or restrictions, and the equipment you will be expected to bring, if any. This way you know you are fully prepared for the day.

Two: Show Up on Time

This should go without saying, but sometimes things come up that we can’t control. Leave for your first day much earlier than you think you need to, even if you start your shift before sunrise. This will ensure that any unexpected issues can be dealt with in plenty of time to begin your shift.

Three: Be A Good Representative

Remember that you are representing not just yourself, but also your recruiter on the job. Show up early, ask questions, listen, keep your phone away, and put your best foot forward.

Four: Stay Focused

It can be tempting to want to join in the banter of the existing team, but as a new employee and a temporary worker, you want to stay focused on the job you were hired to do. Lack of focus can lead to mistakes, errors or even accidents. Listen to all instructions you are given and follow them to the letter. Sometimes, the work can be mundane, but it’s important to keep your focus because accidents happen quickly.

Five: Say Thank You

These two words go a long way. Thank employees who help you on your first day to build rapport and show that you are appreciative. Also take time to thank your supervisor and your recruiter for the opportunity. If you are polite, humble and grateful, it will get noticed. Your recruiter will be more likely to place you again, and the employer may be open to considering you for a permanent position if you are reliable and polite to work with.

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