What is a Flagger Proficiency Test?

In many parts of the country, construction must be done almost exclusively during the warmer months of the year. Our roads and highways often need work due to wear and tear from winter elements or just general improvements. During construction, traffic must be redirected and controlled. Flaggers work on roadway construction sites directing traffic with flags and other signs. They have a key role in keeping workers, motorists (and themselves!) safe from oncoming traffic so construction progress can continue.

Keeping the construction site safe

As oncoming traffic presents a direct hazard to the safety of all workers on a roadway construction site, flaggers must be good at their job—and this is where a flagger proficiency test comes in. Before you can begin a job as a flagger, you must pass state flagger proficiency training and a test. This is also required by staffing firms and employers as an important safety measure.

What you need to know

Flagger training requirements differ by state. In most cases, you will need to take a certification course, and then pass a proficiency test. You need to know about your specific duties and responsibilities as a flagger, how to use various forms of flagging equipment, different flagging techniques to communicate with drivers and all safety considerations you’ll have as part of this job.

What you can do to prepare for your test

As required by your state, you can take a flagger course to prepare you for the proficiency exam to become a certified flagger. Courses are offered through the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and you may have the option to take one online or in person with an instructor. If you’re currently working with a staffing agency for employment, your recruiter can help you secure training to take your proficiency test and start a new job as a flagger.

The benefits of working with a recruiter

In addition to helping you get the training you need for your career, your recruiter will also work with you to understand your job goals and help you find opportunities that fit. Your recruiter has access to job openings that are both advertised and “hidden” to the general public, so you greatly increase your chances of finding just the right job.

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