Need a Job Fast? 7 Reasons to Consider a Temporary Job

You’ve been out of work for a while now and you’re starting to get worried. You’ve had some nibbles, but nothing has clicked yet and you’re getting to the end of your options.

However, you’re reluctant to look into a temporary position. We get it. You want the benefits and long-term security that come with a full-time position.

But how secure was your last full-time gig? In today’s economy, much of the perceived security of full-time positions can prove fleeting. Meanwhile, there are several benefits to temporary assignments that make them a terrific way to get back into the working swing.

Seven Reasons to Take a Temporary Job Opportunity

A New Start

Getting going in a new industry is difficult. Whether you recently entered the workforce for the first time, or are making a mid-career adjustment, temporary jobs can help provide a jumpstart. These assignments can help you get the skills and experience that will make you more marketable in the future.

Avoid a Resume Gap

There are plenty of reasons why a career might go on pause. Whatever life change you’re facing, temporary jobs provide a good way to bridge gaps in your resume. Meanwhile, you don’t need to make a long-term commitment to a company, allowing you the ability to take care of the other life challenges you are working on.

Create a Wider Network

Every job site will tell you: A wide network provides the best route to future job opportunities. Temporary assignments are a great way to build this network. Instead of getting stuck at one place, where you see the same people every day, you get to meet new people at every gig. It’s a great way to set yourself up for future opportunities.

Get More Diverse Experience

The modern workplace requires a diverse skill set, but you can’t always get every in-demand skill in a single job. Working in temp positions gives you the opportunity to learn more – different software, different computer systems, different industries – in a shorter time. When you’re ready to move on to full-time position, you’ll have a much broader resume to work with.

Widen Your Options

Locking in with a single company might seem like a way to guarantee security. But it can also become a treadmill. Temporary jobs allow you to try out different opportunities. Instead of narrowing your future career, it provides a way to branch off into new directions.


Temporary positions give you more control over your career. Think of a full-time job as riding on a cruise ship: Everything feels safe and dry, but, ultimately, someone else is driving. Temporary positions are more like paddling a kayak: You might get wet now and then, but you have much more control. This becomes important anytime you get close to rough waters.

Offers a Test Drive

Companies often use temporary assignments like a “minor league.” They can try people out before they commit to a full-time position. If they like the person, they can bring them closer into the fold. You should use the positions the same way. Try companies out. Figure out what kind of cultures fit you best and look for places where you can settle in for a long haul.

Of course, the key to a healthy career as a temp worker is finding the right recruiter. A good staffing firm will make the journey easier for you. LaborMax is a leader in the sector and can provide the expertise you need to maximize your experience. Contact us today for more information about our temporary job opportunities.