Want a Work Site Supervisor Job? Here’s What You Need to Do

There’s a lot of advantages to a career in the construction business. The question becomes: How to make the most of the opportunity?

The industry isn’t going anywhere – and that’s not something that can be said about a lot of sectors. Lots of other jobs can get shipped overseas: manufacturing, customer service, even certain finance and medical positions. But not construction (you might someday get replaced by a robot, but that’s a different story).

This makes construction a potential growth industry. To move up (i.e., make more money and secure improved benefits) getting into management is key.

How to Land a Construction Supervisor Job

Basic Requirements

First, you’ll need a strong background in construction. Most job postings are looking for a minimum of 7 to 10 years in general construction to qualify for a site supervisor position.

Second, you must have some basic technical skills. These include the ability to understand schematics and blueprints, as well as other basic construction documents.

Third, there’s the softer skills. You need to be able to communicate, both with the workers under you and the owners of the company. You may also get called on to talk to clients and potential clients from time to time as well.

Safety Management

Beyond the basics, there’s a few specific categories that require additional attention, and may require a little additional homework.

A key responsibility is protecting everyone’s safety. Stay up to date on safety requirements and regulations. Be able to quote them accurately in an interview situation. Seek out certificates or other official recognitions of your knowledge, if applicable.

And of course, you should always live up to the highest safety standards. By building a strong reputation, you’ll be on the radar when opportunities come up.


One of your responsibilities as a site supervisor will be hiring and managing the workforce. This will include recruiting workers, as well as overseeing any required training.

Having experience in managing employees will go a long way in convincing companies you are ready for a supervisory position. Find opportunities to get those management reps. This involves seeking out responsibilities, chances to oversee projects or take the lead on work crews. Even heading up a few workers can get your foot in the door.

Working With Budgets

Another key part of the site supervisor position: working with budgets. That might trigger a painful flashback to high school math class, but don’t panic.

Nobody is asking for you to get an accounting degree. But taking a few accounting classes, or even just getting proficient with a spreadsheet can prove helpful.

Finding That First Opportunity

Once you secure that first chance, getting other jobs becomes much easier. The trick is bringing in that first one.

However, so much is at stake for a site supervisor – money, time, people’s safety – that contractors will proceed cautiously with any untested talent. It might become necessary to create your own opportunity.

Having a reliable partner can help fast track your move into management. Talk to your recruiter about the steps you need to take to be ready for that first opportunity. With their expert advice, you can be sure to check off everything needed to secure a supervisory position. And once you meet all the requirements, your recruiter can steer you to the right position.

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