Slowly But Surely: Building a Culture Founded on Safety

Safety is critical to the well-being of your employees and your business. Unlike other settings, labor and construction requires employees to work with tools, machinery and conditions that are more dangerous than many other jobs. For this reason, your staff must be properly trained on how to work within a construction and labor site. It helps to design and follow a strict safety program.

How to implement a work site safety program

Safety must become part of your company culture, just like punching the clock and taking breaks. Simply design your program specific to the ins and outs of your particular company—keeping in mind rules for the various work site settings and tools your staff will need to understand. Then, you can implement your safety program with the following steps:

  1. Appoint a “safety ambassador.” This worker will be your safety ambassador—making sure everyone follows the safety program and stays up to date on training. Your safety ambassador can also make sure your program is reviewed regularly to help it stay current.
  2. Educate all workers, and include refresher training. When you roll out your safety program, your safety ambassador can work out a training schedule to be sure all employees are introduced to the program and understand what it entails. It’s also good to introduce penalties for not following proper safety procedures as outlined in the program. Once all workers are introduced to the safety program, hold regular refresher trainings.
  3. Post and provide copies of the safety program guidelines. Posters with safety tips and guidelines can be posted in the appropriate areas throughout your work All employees should be provided with a copy of your safety program manual for reference (either in print or electronic).
  4. Encourage contacting the safety ambassador with questions. An open-door policy is the best way to ensure everyone feels comfortable approaching the safety ambassador when they need more
  5. Practice what you preach. Everyone should follow your safety program to a T—including you and all members of management. When employees see the program is followed by all, they’ll be more likely to stick to it!

Work with your recruiter

Your recruiter is a valuable training resource, including safety procedures. Work with them to explain what training you need to help you maintain a fully trained labor and construction staff.

Looking for new staff?

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