4 Things to Do After You Interview for a Job With a Staffing Firm

It’s easy to think of a job interview as the end of the process. From then on, other people will determine what will happen with your career – your part is over.

This feeling can be especially prevalent when you interview with a staffing firm. Their job is to find you work, right? What more is there to do, but wait for the phone to ring with your dream position?

The truth is, there’s plenty for you to do after the interview is over. By actively following up, you maximize your chances of getting the best possible placement.

Four steps to take after you interview with a staffing firm

Send a Follow-Up Note

Remember every Christmas, when your mom would make you write all those “thank-you” notes? You may have rolled your eyes and stamped your feet then, but it’s time to realize that that sort of thing is good advice.

Besides good manners and an easy courtesy, the follow-up note serves a more selfish purpose. Staffing firms work with a lot of people. You don’t want to become a faceless name in a file. Do what you can to leave a good impression, so people will think of you when opportunities arise.

Give Your References a Heads Up

Keep your references in the loop as you proceed on your job search. That doesn’t mean calling them every time you submit an application. But you want them to be available and up to date when potential employers look to gather information about you.

The staffing agency will be contacting your references. Their reputation is on the line each time they make a placement, so they will perform their due diligence before bringing you into the fold. By letting your references know a contact is likely, you speed the process along and raise your chances of getting a stellar recommendation.

Complete Any Follow-Up Paperwork

After applying for a job, a staffing firm will often require some additional tasks. These can include additional paperwork, such as a formal application or a list of references. Sometimes, it’s only disclosure documents that require a signature.

Other times these tasks get more elaborate. Certain staffing firms require practical tests for skills such as typing. Or they could include profile-building questionnaires that give the staffing firm a better idea of your background and career goals.

Whatever the task, it’s important to get it done in a timely manner. It shows the staffing firm you are professional and serious. And it allows them to get started with your placement as quickly as possible.

Stay in Touch With Your Recruiter

Your recruiter is busy getting you (and other people) the best positions they can find. They might not always have time to keep you updated on their progress. Don’t get frustrated by this. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything, drop them a line to see how things are progressing.

Also, keep your recruiter informed on any changes in your career status. If you’ve gotten a new certification or have picked up some new experience, let them know. Also, if your schedule or expectations have changed, update them as quickly as possible. This will avoid false starts and misplacements.

The first step to a good relationship with your staffing firm: picking the right firm. Choosing an industry leader with the right experience streamlines the process of bolstering your career. Contact LaborMAX today to get started.