How to Protect Your Workers During Cold and Flu Season

As cold weather approaches, so too does the spread of germs associated with cold and flu. Our immune systems have to work harder when it’s cold outside, plus the stress of the holiday season can leave many of us with less stamina to fight off the occasional illness. As an employer, you can take steps to help your workers stay healthy this season.

Top ways to help labor staff stay healthy

Encourage the following to help your labor and construction employees stay in good health during the colder months:

  • Encourage flu shots. This is the number one way for warding off the flu, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result, many employers include flu shot clinics on-site every season, with flu shots free of charge through the employee medical plan. This makes it easy for your staff to get vaccinated and get on with their day.
  • Set up cold and flu stations. These could include containers of antibacterial hand sanitizer and wipes. After using equipment frequently touched by many, encourage workers to sanitize their hands or wipe down surfaces.
  • Hold a cold and flu in-service. It never hurts to remind your staff of ways to prevent colds and the flu. These tips include:
    • Getting plenty of rest.
    • Eating well and staying hydrated.
    • Getting a flu shot.
    • Frequent hand washing, especially before eating.
    • Avoiding contact with their eyes, nose and mouth before washing their hands.
    • Covering their mouth if they cough or sneeze.
    • Taking time off when they need it.
  • Remind workers to use sick time. To prevent the spread of illness to others, workers who do come down with a cold or the flu should be encouraged to stay home, rest and recover. They may feel as if they’re letting you down by calling off, but always remind them the health of your staff is top priority.

Work with your recruiter

If seasonal illness has taken its toll on the strength of your workforce and you need a few extra hands for a while, contact your staffing agency. You can round out your workforce with temporary employees. Your recruiter can also help you with training your workers on health precautions during cold and flu season.

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