Three Safety Procedures So Simple You Might Be Forgetting Them

Maintaining a safe workplace is everyone’s job: workers and managers alike! Though some safety procedures – like learning how to operate specific tools and machines – require training, other safety practices are falling-off-a-log easy. There are steps you can take every day to make your workplace safer.

As you work hard day in and day out, always keep these three easy safety tips in mind:

  1. Protect your back. Did your parents ever tell you to stand up straight when you were younger? They weren’t wrong! Good posture is an easy way to prevent pain and injuries while working. Whether you work at a desk or on a factory floor, the way you treat your back makes a big difference. While sitting at a desk, sit up straight in your chair and keep your workspace within easy reaching distance. While lifting heavy objects, always lift with your legs, and avoid stooping or twisting.
  2. Don’t take shortcuts. Processes are designed to help employees complete all tasks the right way. When you take shortcuts, you diminish the quality of the end product, plus endanger yourself or others in the process. Always follow all safety precautions and complete all steps involved in a task.
  3. Take breaks. The human body is an amazing machine, but needs regular maintenance—and this includes rest. Never skip your lunch or 10-minute breaks. Taking some time to relax gives you a chance to eat, hydrate and regroup. You’ll return to work refreshed and with restored focus.

Feel you could use a training reboot?

If you ever feel you could use a reminder of your workplace’s policies and procedures, check with your manager or recruiter. These are resources you can always rely on if you have questions about the right way to handle any aspect of your job.

It’s always best to ask questions rather than “wing it” when you need information to do your job. You’re taking a smart step to maintain the quality of your workplace, while keeping yourself and others safe. And better safe than sorry is the motto to live by!

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