Getting to Work On Time

It seems so simple during the day. You walk in 15 minutes late, harried, embarrassed, once again having to start your workday by apologizing to everyone. You vow it will never happen again. And at noon, you mean it. But, by six the next morning, you’re back hitting the snooze bar and the cycle starts up again.

So how do you break out of it?

Getting to work on time can be more complicated than it seems. When you use public transportation or when you have a long commute, getting to work can feel like planning the D-Day invasion. You have all the ins and outs of your own morning routine – getting ready, getting the kids ready, etc. – plus figuring out the vagaries of traffic or public transport schedules.

Here’s a few simple tricks that can make that logistical nightmare easier to handle and can help you have a shame-free morning at the office:

Work On the Night Before

Getting to work on time on Tuesday has a lot to do with what happens Monday evening. Avoid those late-night outings with friends and those marathon video game sessions that last into the wee hours. A good night’s sleep sets the stage for a more pleasant morning.

Meanwhile, you can make your morning routine more efficient by getting ready the previous evening. Lay out your clothes, so you don’t have to search under the bed in the morning for a matching sock. Make sure you know where your keys and umbrella are. Have everything packed and ready to walk out the door. Doing a little legwork when you’re less tired and less hurried makes things a lot easier during the morning.

Set Your Alarm Early Enough (And No Snoozing)

Sometimes a simple solution can go a long way. It may seem obvious, but getting up at the right time represents a key step to a rush-free morning routine.

It’s tempting to schedule exactly the right amount of time to get ready in the morning. But the right time on most days is too little time on days when something goes wrong. Build in some extra time in the morning so you can handle the unexpected when it comes up.

Have an Alternative Plan

Cars break down. Buses hit traffic. Subways close down unexpectedly for maintenance.  It doesn’t take much to mess up a morning routine.

Have an alternative plan in mind. Whether it’s scheduling an emergency Uber or getting a ride from a friend, make sure you know what you’re going to do if something goes wrong.

Have Specific Goals

Getting to work on time represents a vague goal. Unless you face discipline for showing up late, it can sometimes seem like a pointless endeavor. What’s the difference between getting there at 8:00 and getting there at 8:10?

But if you focus on a specific reason, it makes it easier to get motivated. Getting in early means you won’t have to stay late. Making it on time means you won’t let down your co-workers. An early office arrival means you get your first pick of donut.

Find a concrete reason to arrive on time and it will seem like an easier task.

And, of course, having a job you love makes it easy to get motivated to make it to work on time. When your work life is engaging and enjoyable, you jump out of bed, eager to get to the office.

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