Best Practices for Holiday Safety Season

As the holiday season fast approaches, thoughts of rest and relaxation enter everyone’s minds. Add this need to decompress to a workplace that’s busier than usual during the holiday season, and you have a recipe for potential safety concerns. But safety doesn’t take a vacation, and it’s important to keep up safety standards in your workplace year ‘round. Don’t let a lack of planning lead to risks for your employees!

Five Holiday Safety Practices to Reinforce

As the pace picks up in your workplace, keep the following in mind:

  1. Give seasonal workers proper training. If you’ve brought in extra workers to help you meet fourth-quarter goals and finish last-minute projects, be sure they’re properly trained. Just because a worker will only be with you temporarily doesn’t mean they need less training than other members of your labor staff. Your recruiter can help you make sure all seasonal workers receive the proper training to do their work safely.
  2. Stick to safety checklists. The holidays are not the time to skimp on steps. Remind your workers of the importance of safety procedures and to follow all checklists, even when in a crunch for time.
  3. Stock up safely. Extra work can mean stocking up on additional supplies—and you’ll need somewhere to store them. Be sure to get extra shelving and clear room for adequate storage to prevent over-stacking and overstuffing your surroundings. Items can topple over or clutter walkways and other areas, presenting a fall risk.
  4. Remind employees to take care of themselves. With the holidays come social gatherings, obligations to family and friends, shopping, food preparation, decorating and other activities that can drain workers’ energy outside the workplace. Remind your staff that becoming overtired and stressed out can rob them of focus at work, which is necessary when operating tools and machinery. Instead, encourage your workers to take care and get plenty of rest, eat well and not overwork themselves.
  5. Encourage sick time when needed. As seasonal colds and flu tend to pop up during the holiday season, it’s important your workers take sick time when they need it. Attempting to work when ill can lead to decreased concentration and accidents, not to mention longer recovery times and the spread of illness.

The holiday season is busy, but safety is everyone’s top priority. As you enter the busy season, take time to schedule a meeting to review all safety procedures with your workers.

Need to staff up?

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