5 Signs a Candidate Will Be a Reliable Worker

Given the expense and the amount of effort you put into the endeavor, the hiring process offers a surprising lack of information about the candidates.

You usually get a single page of background information, maybe a couple of face-to-face meetings and whatever stray details you can pick from other sources. That’s it. Based on that, you need to decide whether you can rely on somebody every day for the foreseeable future.

It’s a tough job. It would like if you had only someone’s online dating profile and one dinner to decide whether you wanted to get engaged.

But there are ways to spot someone who has the potential to become a dependable and productive employee. Here are five signs throughout the hiring process that a candidate will be someone you can count on:

No Resume Surprises

There’s a few places in life where you want things to remain as boring as possible. The doctor’s office, for example. Or a plane trip. Or a resume.

An ideal resume will confirm that the person has the skills necessary to perform the job, and maybe some hints that the candidate is prone to above-average performance. You don’t want to see constant job-switching or a flare for sharp career turns.

No Glaring Red Flags

The candidate shows up late to the interview. They take an annoyingly long time to respond to emails. Their LinkedIn photo features them dressed like Batman. These represent red flags. Don’t ignore them.

These signs don’t necessarily have to become deal breakers. But keep them in mind. After all, if a candidate can’t meet deadlines during the hiring process, what will they be like day-to-day, when the stakes are lower?

Answers the Tough Interview Questions Well

Your prime source of info about your candidate comes from the interview. Make sure to get as many details as you can. Craft interview questions that get at the topics of personality and reliability.

Ask things like, “have you ever had a conflict with someone at work?” If the response is a 10-minute tale of insult and revenge that ends in a breakroom fist fight, that’s a bad sign.

Employee Referral

No one knows the day-to-day business of your company better than frontline employees. Make sure they are involved in the hiring process. Even better than you, they will be able to spot people who aren’t a good fit for your company culture.

If you have an employee referral program, you already have a method of drawing out this kind of recommendation. Or, consider including at least one employee during the interview stage. They might have a better gut instinct than you do about a person’s work habits.

Outside Recommendations

You rarely learn too much from candidate references. They are populated by people hand-picked to give a positive response, meaning you’re never going to hear something like, “oh gosh, that person was terrible…definitely don’t hire them.”

But there are subtleties you can pick up on. By asking more targeted questions, you can shake loose additional information. Concentrate on the same areas you focused on during the candidate’s interview.

If answers are cliched or vague, it might indicate a problem. However, if they offer specific, concrete examples of the candidate’s reliability, you might be in good shape.

A staffing firm is another excellent source of outside opinions. A recruiter will have the expertise necessary to drill down on a candidate’s work ethic and bring you better hires. Contact LaborMax today to find out more.