Dressing for Safety: Hats and Boots

Proper attire is essential for safety in the workplace. Your PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, keeps you safe in more ways than one. Choosing the right head and foot gear is an easy way to protect everything from your vision to your balance.

What to consider when choosing safety footwear:

Your shoes or boots should be selected based on the job you’ll be performing. Your footwear provides traction, arch support and toe protection. It helps you avoid:

  • Slips and falls.
  • Injury from falling objects, punctures and electrical hazards.
  • Fatigue in your legs and back.
  • Extreme weather.

Follow your employer’s directions for the proper type of footwear. You may need to choose boots made from protective material, with steel toes and anti-slip soles. You may also need to look for an OSHA label on the packaging. To learn more, talk to your boss or recruiter about the minimum requirements for safe footwear.

What to consider when choosing head and eye protection:

Your head houses important organs, so it’s critical to keep it safe! Depending on your role at work, you may need a hard hat, face shield or protective goggles. Consider the following when choosing these items (and always check with your boss):

  • Choose the right type and class of hard hat. This is related to your job. Basically, the type of hard hat you choose determines how much physical and electrical impact it can absorb to protect you.
  • Screens vs goggles. You’ll be sure to protect your eyes from flying particles, toxic splashes and heat with the right eye protection. Goggles may need to be ANSI-certified. A screen that attaches to your hard hat can be either wire or heat-reflective, depending on your job requirements.

Your recruiter is a valuable source of safety information.

If you work with a staffing agency for job placements, you can always check with your recruiter when you have questions about safety equipment and protocols. He or she can help ensure you have everything you need for on-the-job safety, including training.

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