Working a Staffing Company Into Your 2019 Budget

Budget battles can get nasty. Every year, heads of departments enter the Game of Thrones-like competition for resources, figuratively trying to slit each other’s financial throats at a series of Red Wedding-style meetings. In that environment, it’s difficult to ask for more money for any new project.

Which might make you squeamish about suggesting your company add a staffing company to your 2019 budget. But don’t be afraid to push for the services of a recruiter. Rather than putting a strain on resources, the long-term cost savings and efficiency gains garnered from using a staffing partner make it an excellent move.

Here are four key ways that adding a recruiter to your budget plans will pay off in 2019 and beyond:

More Affordable Than You Think

It may seem like an addition to your budget. But, really, compared to what you pay now, using a staffing firm is a relatively low-cost choice.

The expense of running a job search internally often gets disguised. The cost is spread out over multiple employees and unfolds over a period of time, making it difficult to pinpoint in a budget line item.

But add it all up, and the price tag mounts quickly. The man-hours spent sorting resumes, checking references, conducting due diligence and staging interviews – put them all together and the true cost becomes daunting.

On the other hand, a staffing firm provides a cost-effective way to fill your open positions.

Lower Opportunity Cost

Beyond the dollars-and-cents cost of running a job search, there’s a further drain on your company’s overall health. The time and effort it takes robs you of valuable resources that could be better employed elsewhere.

When you run a job search, you need to take staff off other projects to find and vet candidates. That takes workers out of the loop. Your top staffers should be bringing that next big growth push to life. Instead, they are spinning their wheels, getting you back to a full staffing level.

A staffing firm eliminates this drain. The recruiter takes the burden off your employees, freeing them up for longer-term projects.

Better Outcomes

A good employee creates value. When you have someone who goes beyond mere competence, who’s also innovative and industrious, the efficiency can ripple through your operation. They provide not just a job well done in the short term, but improved efficiency throughout the organization.

Recruiters can help you bring in this top-flight talent. They can bring targeted experience and the current gold-standard techniques to amp up the skill level of the workers you bring in.

Fewer ‘Redos’

The most expensive part of running a job search: running it again when things that don’t work out. Recruiters help eliminate this risk.

If a prospect doesn’t work out, the staffing firm can quickly bring in another candidate. Having a staffing partner leads to a higher level of certainty from the hiring process.

A recruiter also gives you additional flexibility. By using temp workers for special projects and unexpected demand surges, you’re able to meet your near-term challenges, without having to make long-term commitments.

Need more convincing?

LaborMax would be happy to answer your specific questions about the benefits of working with a staffing firm. Contact us today to get your 2019 recruitment goals on track.