4 Reasons Why You Never Heard Back After Your Last Interview

It’s stressful enough when it has to do with romance. But when you get ghosted after a job interview, it becomes a new level of tension.

Think about the dating situation: You send a text. You expect to hear something back immediately. Good or bad, you’re prepared. But then, nothing.

Hours go by. Then a day. Now it’s a couple days later and you still haven’t heard anything. Did they get the text at all? Did they see it and then forget? Do they just think you’re an unattractive goof? Did they get trapped under a fallen bookcase and are now slowly starving to death under a stack of self-help manuals and David Foster Wallace novels?

Now transfer this to a business environment. It’s not just a potential social embarrassment. Your future livelihood is at stake. You thought the interview went well, but now…who knows what’s going on?

Don’t fret. There are plenty of logical explanations. Here’s four reasons you may not have heard anything back since your interview:

Someone Else Got the Job

The scenario that immediately jumps to mind: they found someone else they liked better. You don’t hear back in a few days and quickly make this assumption, which soon descends into insecurity and self-recrimination, eventually spiraling into stress eating and the binge-watching of cat videos on YouTube.

The first part may be true, but that doesn’t have to trigger the second part. The company may have filled the position with someone else. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on you. You can’t control who you are up against. It might have been someone magnificently qualified. It may have been the boss’s nephew.

Either way, feel free to follow up with your contact with the company. If they have filled the position, they will politely let you know and you can move on to the next opportunity.

The Hiring Process Is Still Ongoing

It’s quite possible that you haven’t heard back because no decision has been made. The interview process could take weeks, meaning that if you happened to come in during the early stages, a month (or more) could pass before you hear anything.

Even in the post-interview process, a fair amount of due diligence remains to get done. Companies want to check references and discuss the hire internally. Again, a quick check with your company contact will let you know if the position remains open.

The People In Charge Are Busy With Other Things

Not every company has a dedicated, full-time HR staff to conduct a hiring process. Smaller firms and startups often have slimmed down management teams, which means that the people running the job search also run other parts of the company.

In these cases, it’s easy for people to get distracted, or for the hiring decision to get put on hold if another project requires attention.

Even in larger organizations, the final hiring decision often requires input from the managers in the department or from senior executives. These people might be hard to pin down at times, causing a delay in reaching the final choice.

They Have Put The Decision On Hold

The company might not feel a lot of pressure to fill the particular position you applied for. After all, some hires are more necessary than others.

Other times, the firm might regularly put out employment feelers, running job postings on an almost constant basis, just to see what the job market may look like. Here too, the company might not feel much urgency in making any hiring decision, since there’s not a specific empty position at the time.

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