Five Body Language Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Interview

You’ve perfected your interview skills and chosen a killer outfit—and the body language you use when meeting with an interviewer is like the cherry on the top of your interview sundae. It helps you make a good impression on a hiring manager and showcase yourself as the professional you are, plus it helps you stick in the mind of your interviewer—all good things when you’re hoping to win a new job.

Five tips for positive body language

Body language helps you project confidence and positive energy. And during an interview, this helps give you an edge over your competition. To further prepare for your upcoming interview, add these body language must-dos to your preparation list:

  1. A genuine smile. Smiling is a powerful tool. It puts those around you at ease and helps you relax—plus, some research shows that smiling can actually give your body physical cues that make you feel happier. Your smile makes your interviewer feel you are more approachable, and this sets the stage for a positive interview experience.
  2. Hand gestures. Talking with your hands not only helps you illustrate your point, it shows your comfort level with yourself and the situation. Open gestures are especially important: those in which you keep your arms relaxed and your palms facing out. If you feel any nervous jitters, using your hands provides an added bonus—you’ll avoid crossing your arms across your chest, or nervous actions like fidgeting or tapping your fingers.
  3. Eye contact. There is a fine line with eye contact. You want to maintain a healthy amount that shows you’re engaged and confident, but not so much that it seems unnatural. The right amount is about 50-60 percent of the time, especially when your interviewer is speaking.
  4. Good posture. Confident people stand up straight and tall, with a wide stance that takes up space. This helps you appear more powerful and in control.
  5. A perfect handshake. You can stick in the mind of your interviewer by closing your interview with a good handshake. This bold move can give you instant credibility. Stand facing the person, and reach out your right hand, shaking palm to palm with a solid grip: not too limp and not too tight.

Need help preparing?

A recruiter can help. Your recruiter is part job coach and wants you to succeed at the interviewers she sends you on. If you have any questions or concerns about body language, reach out and get her expert advice.

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