How to Grow Better Workplace Relationships

Many companies are moving towards collaborative work environments and away from those that are competitive. Why? When employees feel they are working together to reach a common goal, it helps to build teamwork and creativity—and enhances communication and productivity. Instead of competition, which can be exhausting to employees, working together helps your team appreciate everyone’s skills and contributions. This is very empowering!

Five Team-Building Tips

As you strive to build a more supportive and inclusive work environment, consider the following:

  1. Choose activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Bowling is fun, but not everyone is good at it. The best activities are those the majority of workers will be interested in, and that help to spark creativity and conversation. Cooking classes, guided painting classes, ropes, and outdoor courses, or just a meal together are all good choices.
  2. Schedule the activity on a day when everyone can participate. This can be tricky, depending o the size of your team and the time of year. Before you schedule an event, choose a few different days and let your staff vote on the one that works best. Plan to hold activities during work hours to gain the most participation.
  3. Think big AND small. Team building doesn’t need to happen only as a big off-site event. You can also incorporate team building exercises into your work week by doing small activities during team meetings. Try them as an ice breaker to get everyone motivated and ready to participate in the meeting. Choose something that encourages your worker to interact. Divide the team into smaller groups and task them with creative interviewing, discussions, brainstorming or even trivia.
  4. Celebrate diversity. Everyone has a different point of view based on their culture, age, gender, and background—and this builds the strength of your team! Encourage all workers to share their thoughts and ideas during meetings and activities.
  5. Play games. Short “game breaks” once a week can be a good time to let your workers blow off steam and enjoy each other’s company. You can provide puzzles, riddles, short scavenger hunts, trivia and more.

Supportive Company Cultures Add to Job Satisfaction

Happy workers are productive workers. They are more likely to be loyal to your company and less likely to leave you for your competitors.

Need to Staff Up?

As you build a positive company culture, you may find it’s time to grow! And when you’re looking for new workers, contact LaborMax. We specialize in the placement of labor and construction candidates and we’ll work with you to determine a staffing mix that fits. To learn more, contact us today!