Five Ways to Promote Better Work/Life Balance

Work is important, but life happens! It can be tricky to juggle personal and family responsibilities with a 40-hour work week. Employees who feel too chained to work can end up feeling drained, and this can impact their productivity. Now more than ever, employers are understanding of the need for work/life balance. When your workers can make time for all aspects of their lives, it helps them to feel more enriched and content—and balanced!

Five Work/Life Balance Tips

You can support employee health and happiness with the following:

  1. Teach employees what work/life balance means. If they’re not familiar with the concept, explain to your employees that it’s important to make time for personal commitments, appointments and family time outside the office. Let your workers know you understand life is demanding, explain the options available to them, and remind them to ask for work/life balance opportunities when they need them.
  2. Encourage efficiency. Work smarter, not harder is a good motto to help your workers avoid long hours while still getting their work done. Of course, you want your staff to work hard—but studies show too much overtime leads to depression, anxiety and irritability. Instead, show your staff how to make a to-do list, prioritize and ask for help when they need it.
  3. Allow flexible scheduling. Variable start and end times, and make-up time, are ways you can help your employees work around their outside commitments. Build policies and procedures around flexible scheduling and stick to them to help everyone stay on track.
  4. Require breaks. Stepping away from their desk or work station throughout the day is important to help your workers maintain clarity and focus. By taking a lunch break, or a quick 10-minute breather, employees can return to the job refreshed and ready to go!
  5. Promote healthy living. Outside of work, your staff may find time to eat healthy meals and get some exercise—and the work day should be the same! Provide healthy food and snack options for your workers, bottled water or a water cooler, and if possible, an area to workout during breaks.

Formulate a Plan with Your Workers in Mind

As you build your plan to promote work/life balance, involve your staff. What would they find helpful? By checking with the people who will be putting your plan to work, you can provide exactly what they need.

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