Self-Performance Reviews Could be the Key to Standing Out to Management

So… what do YOU think of you? Self-evaluation is important to your career! It shows your boss you’re fully aware of your current skills and the direction your career is taking. It’s a smart, professional way to demonstrate your passion for your work. It also helps your boss track what you’ve been up to, and this is key for raises and promotions.

Start With a Log

The best way to begin self-performance reviews is by jotting down your accomplishments in a log to help you keep track. Be very specific about what you accomplished and include numbers when you can. If you feel you’re bragging or boasting—don’t. You should be proud of your accomplishments. And when you keep your records to “just the facts” (rather than your opinion), it’s a cut-and-dry view into how you’re performing at your job.

Review Your Strengths, as Well as Your Weaknesses

Your self-evaluation should include what you’ve accomplished, as well as the difficulties you’ve experienced and what you feel you need to work on. Always stay positive. When you identify shortcomings, it’s just an opportunity for improvement.

Ask For Regular Meetings with Your Boss

If you don’t already have 1on1 meetings, ask to meet with your boss once a month or so. It’s good to touch base and check in about how you’re doing. You can discuss your self-performance review and have an open dialog with your boss about what you’re doing well and areas you can improve.

What to Discuss During Your 1on1s

Talk with your boss about your career path. Focus on what you’ve accomplished so far, as well as your long-term plan. Ask what the biggest priorities are for the company, how you can help and what areas you should prioritize by devoting most of your time and attention. Most importantly, talk about where you’d like your career to go, what opportunities are open to you, and what your next steps should be to continue to learn and grow.

The Value of Ongoing Self-Evaluation

Most jobs involve reviews by your boss—either annually, twice a year or more. By documenting your career path regularly, you’ll be fully prepared to have an honest and strategic discussion with your boss come review time.

Understand Your Career Needs

You may also find through self-performance reviews that your job isn’t delivering what you need in terms of your long-term career plans. And this way, you’ll know when you’re ready to move in, rather than getting stuck in a job for longer than necessary.

Looking for Something New?

If you’ve decided you’re in the market for a new job, reach out to LaborMax. We’ll work with you to understand your career needs and find a position that fits. To learn more, contact us today!