Simple Steps to Managing a Team that Doesn’t Get Along

The more diverse your workplace, the more you’ll have differing opinions. This can be good because conflict—when resolved positively—can lead to improvements in products, services, communication, and company culture. If you have a team that just doesn’t really get along, you may notice conflicts popping up frequently, and this can add to tension in your workplace. But you can take steps to help manage your team through all conflicts.

Five Steps to Resolve Conflicts Between Employees

No workplace is perfect and people are bound to disagree. You can help to smooth things over and build peace with the following:

  • Stay Positive

Perhaps a conflict has arisen due to something that isn’t working and needs to be fixed. By encouraging your workers to keep an open mind about disagreements, you can foster a more open and supportive environment. Practice what you preach by keeping a positive attitude in all interactions with your workers.

  • Understand What Caused the Conflict

This will help you help your employees work through the issue. Common causes of conflict between workers consist of things like unclear responsibilities, perceived favoritism, differences in values or personality, stress, and differing creative viewpoints. Talk to each person involved on an individual basis and get their take on the situation. Remain an impartial third party and never take sides, even if you agree with one employee over another.

  • Don’t Ignore Conflicts Hoping They’ll Go Away

Instead, be aware of what’s happening with your employees. Unresolved conflicts can lead to depression, decreased productivity and poor health. If employees are not able to resolve conflicts on their own, you’ll need to intervene.

  • Provide Diversity Training

It’s important for your workers to understand what diversity is, how it makes a workplace stronger, and how to respect and appreciate each other’s differences. Make diversity training mandatory and offer it every six months as a reminder to your workers.

  • Stay Firm

It’s possible you have workers who will never get along, and that’s OK. Everyone must be an adult and keep the peace when working together, even if they aren’t best friends. Remind your staff of the big picture—the job at hand—and demand they treat each other with respect.

 Hold Your Ground

Let your staff know you will not tolerate negative behavior in your workplace. Design policy and procedure for handling employee disagreements, and make sure all workers are aware. If employees continue to feud, be ready to take swift action to reprimand or make replacements, if necessary.

Time to Staff Up?

Harmony in the workplace allows for productivity and job satisfaction. When it’s time to staff up, contact LaborMax. We specialize in the placement of labor and construction candidates, and we’ll work with you to understand your staffing. To learn more, contact us today!