Time for a Change: Obvious Signs You Should Quit Your Job

What a day! We all say this to ourselves from time to time, because no job is perfect. Everyone gets their fair share of difficult coworkers, challenging tasks and off days. It’s part of being human and a member of the working world. But when you find yourself saying this more often than not, and you just aren’t happy, something’s got to give. So when do you know if you’re dealing with a normal Case of the Mondays—or the issues you’re facing at work are a much bigger concern?

Five Screaming Indications It’s Time to Move On

If you think your concerns may be more than just status quo qualms, finding a new job may be best for you. The following are tell-tale signs you need to start searching for a new job opportunity:

  1. You Just Don’t Care: You’re not quite yourself and your head is in the clouds. You can’t focus and you wish you were at the beach. When your job no longer lines up with your career passion or the company’s mission doesn’t mirror your own—you can become apathetic about your work. Rather than drag yourself through each endless day, consider looking for something that ignites your inner fire.
  2. You’re Being Victimized: It is never OK to put up with abuse on the job—verbal, physical or sexual. In most cases, you should be able to talk to Human Resources without retaliation. But if your work situation has made you uncomfortable or worse, it’s time to run to the nearest exit.
  3. The Company is Going Under: Your energy is better spent changing vessels than baling out a sinking ship. If your company is experiencing hardships, you don’t have to stay loyal when your livelihood is at stake. Simply get your resume together and start looking for something new.
  4. The Job is Making You Physically Sick: Stress is a very real thing, and it can affect the human body physically. If your job is leading to more and more sick days, something is wrong. If you’ve already talked to your boss about workload or other job concerns and nothing has really changed (including your health issues), it’s time to move onto something you can tolerate a little better.
  5. You’re Underappreciated: If you aren’t being fairly compensated for your skills, or overworked without the possibility of advancement—it’s no fun to feel taken advantage of. Looking for something new allows you to spread your wings and be appreciated for your talents and experience.

Is it Time For a Clean Break?

Deciding to look for a new job can be scary, especially if you’ve been in your current position for a while. But approach this change with a positive attitude—imagine the exciting new job you can discover just around the corner!

Work With a Recruiter

If you’re not sure where to start, a staffing agency can help you find job leads and prepare for interviews. If you’re in search of labor or construction positions, LaborMax is looking for you. Contact us today to learn more!