Keys to Employee Training: Be Consistent

What is the value of clear communication? It helps your training stick in the minds of your new employees! Training is a valuable part of any new hire’s first experiences with your company—helping them learn more about your company, their role and what you expect. So to make your training efforts the most effective, it’s good to be consistent.

Four Ways to Keep Your Message Clear During Training

Keeping a constant message during the training process is key to helping your new employees learn and stay motivated. To do this, follow these top tips:

  1. Map Out Your Program-Don’t conduct training willy-nilly… this is a recipe for disaster (and confused new hires). Instead, plan out exactly what you need all new employees to learn during their first few days. Create printed materials to use as references to which new hires can refer. Assemble packets or create a folder on the company intranet where employees can access all materials.
  2. Keep Your Branding Consistent-Your branding is an important part of your new-hire training. It drives your mission and what your business is all about. Branding shouldn’t be absent in your training materials but should be front and center. Be sure all training adequately reflects your brand, to help new workers become brand ambassadors.
  3. Train Your Trainers-The individuals in charge of onboarding new employees should have a clear understanding of the message they’re communicating during training. To do this, you can train your trainers using the resources you create for new hires. To keep your training fresh, sub in new trainers every six months or so—this also helps to give your trainers a much-needed break.
  4. Follow Up Regularly-You can help ensure your trainees are getting the right message by checking in with them on a regular basis. This feedback is invaluable! What questions do they have, and what could be more clear? Your support will help guide new workers on their journey, and will also give you tips for anything that may need to be enhanced in your training process.

Work with Your Recruiter

Many staffing agencies offer training and support for new hires. To learn more, check with your recruiter to see what services are available.

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