How to Motivate Millennial Workers

Millennials comprise a massive percentage of the American workforce—roughly 80 million individuals. If you’re an employer unfamiliar with the needs and goals of this generation, there’s nothing to fear! With a little understanding of forces that motivate workers age 18–35, you can make it easier to inspire them to reach new heights within your company, plus build career longevity and avoid turnover.

Five Ways to Motivate Millennials

It may surprise you that motivating millennials is really quite similar to motivating any generation of employees! They’re simply looking for job satisfaction after a day’s work. Try any of the following:

  1. Provide Feedback. Millennials are a hard-working bunch. It can be frustrating to them when they feel their work has no purpose and they’re not sure what steps to take to do a good job. Millennials like to feel their work is contributing to the company as a whole. You can help your millennial workers in their mission by giving regular feedback to let them know how they’re doing—what’s going well, and what could be improved (with suggestions for how to make improvements).
  2. Nurture Career Passions. Millennials (as most people) are happier at work when their role fuels their passion. This is something you can discover during an interview when you first meet and decide to hire a millennial worker for a specific job opportunity. But you can also get to know your millennials on-the-job and continue to provide them with tasks and challenges that let them do what they love.
  3. Take Up a Cause. An altruistic generation, millennials strive to give back to the community. You can help attract millennial workers to your company and motivate them to stay when you take up a cause. Charity and volunteer opportunities help these workers feel as one with your business, and proud of where they work.
  4. Promote From Within. It always helps to give your employees something to work towards, and the potential for advancement is a strong motivating factor. When you promote from within, you encourage your employees to do their best, proving that hard work pays off. Plus, you get the advantage of filling positions with people already familiar with your company.
  5. Allow Flexible Work Schedules. Work-life balance is important for millennial employees—and you can support this through flexible work hours and the option to work from home. This generation appreciates freedom of choice and the ability to balance outside life with work life.

Need Help Staffing Up? Check With Your Recruiter

If you’re not sure how to appeal to millennial workers, your recruiter can help. An expert at staffing, he or she can provide tips for how to attract candidates from the millennial generation.

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