Could an Apprenticeship Program Be Your Next Career Move?

College educations are a pricey investment. And graduates today can be met with the heartbreak of an expensive diploma without gainful employment at the end of the tunnel. One alternative is a job in a skilled trade. If working with your hands to create a tangible product doesn’t sound fulfilling enough, there’s plenty of other considerations for entering the skilled labor market.

Four Reasons to Go Into a Skilled Trade

You can still find a great career without attending a four-year school. Unfortunately, trade jobs have received bad press—you may feel less professional or less qualified than if you have a college degree. But have no fear—you can hold your head high with the following reasons to enter a skilled trade:

  • Save On the Cost of Your Education

A trade job doesn’t require an expensive degree and many are learned through apprenticeships or certifications. You can be out in the working world earning a living without the cost it takes to earn a college education.

  • Learn and Earn Quickly

We’ve all heard the tales of poor college students existing on ramen noodles and water. Well, with an apprenticeship, you’ll soon be earning a living—rather than draining your savings and racking up debt.

  • Be More Active

Rather than sitting behind a desk all day, you can be up and moving with a trade position. Recent research even claims that “sitting is the new smoking” because a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health. Entering a trade and keeping yourself in motion may help improve your physical well-being.

  • Enter a Booming Field

Many industry workers are retiring Baby Boomers, with few younger workers to replace them. This means trades are facing a hiring shortage and jobs are plentiful—giving you a big opportunity to get a well-paying job.

How to Start an Apprenticeship

You can begin your career in a trade with an apprenticeship to learn more. These programs are expanding in the United States, as the need for skilled workers continues to grow. You can find an apprenticeship program by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor online and searching for your preferred occupation and current location. You can also subscribe to the apprenticeship newsletter to learn more and stay up to date.

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