Checklist: What You Need to Work With a Staffing Agency

You’re ready to jumpstart your career by partnering with a recruiter. Good step. They can plug you into their network of companies hungry for new talent and quickly get you into an ideal placement for unlocking the next stage of your career

But what do you need to get started?

Having everything lined up as you go into the staffing-agency experience helps maximize the value of getting a recruiter involved. It short cuts the process, putting you into a perfect position more quickly. Meanwhile, it can lead to a better result, as your staffing specialist has all the information necessary to find the ideal situation for you.

Here’s a checklist of the things you should have prepared going into a relationship with a staffing agency:

Updated Resume

In order to put you in the best position, a recruiter has to have the most recent information.

Staffing agencies will work with you to optimize your resume. That doesn’t mean you should show up with notes scribbled on a napkin and expect them to put everything in a coherent form. Put your best effort into preparing a resume. Then, use the advice you receive to make it better.

A List of Career Goals

A staffing agency will likely have a variety of potential placements they could pursue for you. Each is like opening a door to a different career path. Like the old game show: “Do you want Door #1 or Door #2?”

Before you meet with your staffing specialist, have in mind what you’d like to accomplish in the long term. It can inform the types of placements your recruiter seeks out.

Your “A” Game Interview Skills

Your staffing specialist is on your side. But that doesn’t mean you should sleepwalk through your meetings with them. Take the interview with your recruiter seriously. In fact, treat it like you would an interview with a potential employer.

A face-to-face with your staffing specialist will give them an ideal chance to learn about you as a person. They’ll be able to internalize your preferences and your personality. That information will help them find the optimal assignments for you.

Questions for Your Recruiter

You should actively participate in the staffing process. Your input and your enthusiasm will ensure the best result for you. Part of that participation involves completely understanding how the process works. You’ll also benefit from knowing what you can do to optimize the outcome.

As such, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you get confused by any aspect of the process, inquire as deeply as necessary to understand everything fully.

An Open Mind

One of the beautiful things about working with a recruiter is the sheer breadth of potential placements they can steer you into. They can provide a lot of opportunities.

The best way to take advantage of those changes is to remain open-minded. You may get a placement you never anticipated, or find yourself offered a situation you never considered before. Stay flexible and an entirely new set of career possibilities can unfold.

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