How You Know It’s Time to Start an Employee Search

Strange as it sounds, you don’t always notice when you need additional workers. When a person leaves, it’s (usually) obvious you should replace them. But an employee departure doesn’t define the only times when you should start recruiting.

After all, life unfolds a little bit at a time. You go to work, handle your day-to-day activities, and get by as best you can with what’s available. You don’t always have time for big-picture contemplation or strategic reviews. Conditions can change so slowly you don’t notice at first.

But there are signs that point to a need for additional hires. Here are some signals that its time to jumpstart the recruiting process in order to unlock your company’s full potential:

Assignments Not Getting Done

Everything’s always hurried and late. Meanwhile, your staff looks like they just had to run to catch a bus…constantly harried and overburdened. Most of all, you have trouble getting projects done by the original deadlines.

At first, you might blame the current employees. But they can only do the best they can with the workload you give them. Instead of getting angry with your current workers, consider increasing your staff size. That way, your team can handle the level of output you need.

Frequent Overtime

You can cover up for not having enough people by offering overtime. Unfortunately, this gets expensive. You end up paying time-and-a-half (or more) to get the same work done you could accomplish at regular rates, if only you had adequate staffing levels.

Of course, not all overtime points to the need to hire. If it comes up occasionally, or just at rare, predictable times (you always need longer hours at Christmas, etc.), then it’s probably cheaper in the long run to pay the short-term additional cost. However, if you continuously have to push into overtime mode, it’s probably time to consider expanding your workforce.

Missing Key Skills on Your Team

You get a bunch of friends together to play in a softball tournament. There’s a problem, though: no one knows how to pitch. It doesn’t look good for bringing home that trophy.

Workforces work the same way. If you’re missing a key skill (proficiency in a particular software program, etc.), a whole project can suffer. Rather than fake your way through the problem, launch a search for someone with the right skill set. You’ll end up covering the expense with additional output and improved efficiency.

Planning a Growth Initiative

Not all hiring comes as a result of a hole in your current team. You might not need additional help for your current business, but plan a major expansion that will require extra hands.

Bringing in additional workers can facilitate longer-term expansion. You’ll avoid growing pains by putting the right team in place before launching your new project.

Made the decision to expand your staff? Now, you have to figure out how to find the best talent. Teaming with a top-flight recruiting firm, like LaborMax, allows you to attract competent, energetic workers quickly and with less effort on your part.

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