Recruitment Trends in Hospitality

Hospitality workers require a certain tact. A good employee in the industry will have that special mix of personality, responsibility, trustworthiness, and dedication. And that’s not even mentioning the specialized skills they need to work efficiently in their day-to-day tasks. 

This rare combination of skills makes a good hospitality workers hard to find. What’s more, in a competitive industry, these ideal employees are even harder to keep. Competitors are always looking to steal top talent from their rivals. 

However, you can get an advantage by taking a creative approach. By looking beyond traditional measures of a job candidate, like specific training or obvious work experience, you can find out-of-the-box discoveries. This approach allows you to improve retention rates and find new talent. 

Here are some of the trends in hospitality recruiting that help you discover these diamonds in the rough: 

Look to Other Industries 

Of course, experience is an important aspect of any job. However, becoming overly focused on past work history is the equivalent of putting on recruitment blinders.  

You can find plenty of talent from unusual sources. You just need to open your mind to different types of candidates. 

Hunt for Diversity  

Diversity has become a watchword in every industry in recent years. The benefits are well-documented. It gives you access to a broader set of perspectives and can lead to a more dynamic team.  

However, seeking out diversity also gives you an edge in recruitment. It lets you search for talent in places other companies ignore. By focusing on diversity, you can find candidates you might have ignored previously. 

Include an “Audition” 

Much of the business of retail involves contact with the public. This means your employees need to have a certain knack for dealing with customers.  

To seek out people with this talent, include aaudition as part of your recruiting process. Put them through a test run prior to getting hired. It will give you an objective way to judge new recruits. 

Step Up Training Efforts 

Good employees aren’t always born. Sometimes, they are made. You can overcome deficiencies in experience by increasing your focus on training.  

In this scenario, a lack of dedicated retail work history can actually operate in your benefit. You don’t have to worry about previous bad habits. You can train your workers to your specifications. By increasing your commitment to a more rigorous training procedure, you can mold out-of-the-box hires into first-rate workers. 

Increased Focus on Technology  

In today’s modern world, much of the actual work is done through technology. The skillset necessary for an average hospitality worker is much less strenuous than it was even 10 years ago. This allows you to open up your definition of a productive employee.  

By increasing your reliance on technology, for such things as inventory management and processing sales, you can be more open-minded about what type of experience you demand from an incoming employee. It allows you to focus on real people skills. 

Finding the right employees in a competitive hospitality industry can seem almost impossible. It gets easier when you have a dedicated partner. By teaming with a top-ranked recruiter, like LaborMax, you can add the kind of staff members who will bring your business to the next level. 

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