General Labor: Do You Have What It Takes?

Success in any industry requires a mix of different skills. More than ever before, companies expect a lot from general labor positions.  

Your employer will train you on the details of the job you are supposed to accomplish. But to exceed expectations, you’ll need a broad set of secondary abilities. These will allow you to impress your bosses, leading to opportunities to earn additional pay and to take on more interesting assignments. 

Here are a few of the skills needed to succeed as a general laborer: 


The first thing any employer will look at: whether you show up. If you come in late or miss a significant number of days, it won’t matter how good you are at the job. The company will replace you with someone more reliable. 


Very little work is truly solitary. Any assembly line or construction project involves many small tasks that add up to one big goal.  

In short, you have to be one of the team. To succeed as a general laborer, you have to work well with others and take instruction from your managers. 


One of the main components of teamwork is being able to communicate with people. You need to be able to give and receive feedback. If there’s an issue, you need to be able to describe the situation in detail to the right people in order to get it fixed.  

More than that, you have to interact with people in a professional and positive way. Having the right communication skills is an important aspect to any position. 


General labor positions often involve long stretches of continuous work. Shifts can feel long, and that doesn’t even take into account occasional overtime assignments.  

However, companies want to see that you can maintain productivity throughout the day. You can’t kill it for an hour and then slow down until after lunch. You need to be able to keep up a reasonable pace from the beginning of the shift until the end. 

Attention to Detail  

Both production and construction work requires attention to small details. The tiniest error can cause a product to fail QA testing or lead to a project getting delayed. Companies want to know you’ll be able to complete your work correctly each time, with every aspect meeting expectations. 

Ability to Learn 

Business is all about change. Every company has to evolve to keep up with the competition and to stay ahead of the market. That means constantly updating technology and improving processes.  

All that change means you’ll have to keep learning. The faster you can master new information, the more valuable you’ll be.  

Problem Solving 

Companies don’t just want worker drones. More and more companies are empowering their employees to take care of small issues that come up in day-to-day operations.  

The better you are at solving problems, the less supervision you’ll need. That means you’ll qualify for higher-level assignments and better positions. 

Not every general labor position is the same. Finding a position at the right company can help put you in a position for long-term success. That situation becomes easier to achieve when you partner with the right staffing firm. A top recruiter, like LaborMax, can pair you up with the perfect organization to maximize your skills and growth potential. 

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