LaborMax: Getting Bigger to Serve You Better

When you work with a staffing firm, there are two major qualities that you should look for. You want scope and you want a people-centered approach. 

LaborMax provides both. And we have statistics to prove it. 

New data released by Staffing Industry Analysts, or SIA, make it official: LaborMax has joined the ranks of the largest industrial staffing firms in the country. 

The SIA, a research group dedicated to providing statistics on the recruiting and temporary staffing industry, listed LaborMax among the largest players in the industry, with $150 million in U.S. industrial temporary staffing revenue in 2018. This puts LaborMax among the top 50 firms nationwide. 

But, how does that help you? What does it matter to your career prospects that LaborMax ranks among the biggest firms in the country? 

Fair questions. The answer: quite a lot. 

See, size isn’t just about revenue or the number of clients. It’s about building a wide network.  

Think about the #1 advice you’ll get from any job-search expert: network, network, network. Getting a prime position gets easier when you know the right people. 

Working with LaborMax means you get to tap into one of the largest networks in the country. It’s like getting an instant “in” at hundreds of companies. 

After all, you want a recruiting partner with the right scope. You want a firm with a big enough footprint to get you your choice of assignments. And you want someone with the industry reach to offer the best possible opportunities. 

Using Industry Power to Help You 

Size, of course, isn’t everything. But it does provide some advantages.  

Working with an industry heavyweight grants you access to a wide-ranging network of potential jobs. Thanks to a broad client base, LaborMAX can offer several types of positions at a large variety of firms.  

Whatever your skill set, LaborMAX will can find a position to match. Whether you prefer a large employer or a smaller one, LaborMAX has a fit for you. No matter what shift, what specialty, what role, there’s an ideal job in our system.  

That’s the benefit of size. It means LaborMAX has the scope and connections necessary to open new doors and provide the broadest possible choice in opportunities. 

Bigger…and Better 

While building one of the nation’s most extensive networks, LaborMAX has maintained its commitment to service. It gives you the best of both worlds. 

Contacting a recruiter for the first time, your first question is likely, “How will they treat me?” You want to feel a close connection, like you belong. 

It’s not just a matter of customer service. A people-centered approach will help you find the right job.  

After all, you want a firm that will work with you to place you in the best positions. The ideal recruiting partner will offer the right kind of support so you can maximize your skills. At the same time, your recruiter should provide the kind of dedication to help you achieve your long-term career goals.  

LaborMax is there for you 

Find out how to tap into LaborMax’s industry muscle to launch your career into the next level. Contact us today to learn more.