How to Make Safety Training Fun & Engaging

You can hear the groans already. It’s time for another round of safety training and your employees are already antsy. They envision a snooze-inducing list of rules and OSHA standards. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. As unlikely as it sounds, you can actually make your safety training both fun and engaging. 

Striving to create an interesting and enjoyable training process won’t just make your employees happy. It provides important material benefits for your business as well. The improved program will become more productive and effective. Meanwhile, the trainees will remember the material better, ultimately making them safer employees. 

Here are some of the ways you can make safety training more fun and exciting: 

Incorporate Games and Competition  

Safety is a serious issue. But that doesn’t mean the training process has to be dour or boring. In fact, injecting a little fun can improve retention and encourage more active participation.  

As such, find ways to include games and competition into the proceedings. For instance, organize the review portion of the program as a kind of game show. It will get your employees involved and encourage them to lock in the information. 

Add Humor  

It’s hard to avoid the fact that any training process will include a fair amount of lecture. Eventually, someone will have to stand in front of a group and deliver the information. This can kill people’s interest level.  

However, these presentations don’t have to be dry. You can infuse them with humor and good cheer. Look for ways to lighten up the presentation. Safety is a highly serious topic but you can make the discussion more enjoyable by using comical examples or mixing in pop culture references. 

Include Incentives  

A safe workplace provides value to everyone in the long run, but sometimes it’s hard to perceive the benefits. The good stuff manifests as a lack of danger or an avoidance of injury, conditions people can easily take for granted. It’s hard to make training feel immediate. 

Offering incentives solves this problem. Everyone works harder when they are working toward something. Provide rewards for successfully completing training benchmarks, things like extra days off or an office party. 

Use Puzzles and Problem Solving  

In the real world, safety issues present themselves as a series of trade-offs. Increased production versus maintaining adequate safety levels. Balancing one potential hazard against another.  

Dry, prescriptive safety rules sometimes fall flat in the real world. As such, it helps to frame safety as a problemsolving enterprise. Engage people on a deeper level by presenting safety situations as brain teasersTraining becomes more fun, and employees will be better prepared for actual problems they might face in their daily lives.  

Scenario Training with Active Participation 

Along the lines of preparing people for practical eventualities, it is helpful to draw on real-life experiences. Present trainees with historical scenarios real employees have encountered. Bring in guest speakers to share their stories of actual brushes with safety breakdowns.  

Finish up training by allowing your employees to get some practical experience. Put them in scenarios in your scenarios, under supervised conditions, and let them get some real-life reps.  

Safety training is crucial to keeping your facility running the way it should. Having the right employees makes the process more effective and helps it go more smoothly. 

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