Educate New Hires On These Basic General Safety Tips

Safety represents a central concern for any business. To maintain the highest standards, it’s important to involve everyone in the process. As such, you should set up detailed training courses to educate your new hires about safety. 

A strong basis in safety training encourages a company-wide commitment. Every employee who walks through your door should receive detailed instruction on how to keep the workplace safe. It gives you peace of mind that everyone is on the same page. 

But what should you teach them? Beyond the specific details they need to do their jobs, there are some general concepts you should stress. Here are some of the broad safety ideas you should teach to every incoming employee: 

Stress Personal Responsibility… 

It takes a team effort to reach peak safety levels. But, ultimately, day-to-day compliance comes down to individual workers.  

Stress this message in your training programs. If an accident occurs, your front-line workers will face the highest risk of injury. As such, each of them needs to take individual responsibility for keeping the workplace safe. 

…But Still Encourage Teamwork  

While individuals form the first defense against unsafe practices, a team effort ensures the best long-term results. It’s important to foster trust and close communication, starting from the earliest training program. 

Remind your workers that they should constantly look out for each other. In addition, hammer home the value of strong communication. It’s vital for maintaining compliance over time. 

Never Take Shortcuts  

Safety procedures can be a pain. They often slow productivity and require tedious, repetitive actions. However, skipping them puts everyone at risk, raising the danger of accidents and personal injury. 

As such, you should always encourage your employees to take all prescribed safety precautions. Moreover, you should take the advice yourself, not looking the other way if your workers try to boost output by sidestepping some procedures. 

Always Be Aware 

Most accidents don’t occur because employees purposely ignore important safety precautions. Instead, they are usually caused by lack of attention. Workers get too comfortable, or let their minds wander, and something unforeseen happens. 

Remind your employees to guard against this. They should always focus on the task at hand and stay alert at all times. 

Take Adequate Breaks 

An important aspect to staying alert is keeping a sound state of mind. However, that can become difficult in the midst of a long shift.  

In order to stay tuned to their environments, workers should take the necessary steps to avoid fatigue and mental stress. This involves taking periodic breaks.  

As part of their safety training, remind workers to take all their scheduled breaks. Adequate rest times during a shift allow your employees to return to work both more productive and better able to achieve the highest safety standards. 

Respect All Safety Signs/Tags 

Warning signs can literally blend into the background. They hang in the same places all the time, providing familiar messages that everyone presumably knows. People can easily get in the habit of ignoring them. 

However, the messages delivered by hazard labels have real meaning. They are meant to guide workers toward the proper safety measures. As such, instruct your employees to respect all safety tags and signs. 

A safe workplace starts with the right employees. An industry-leading recruiting firm, like LaborMAX, can provide the attentive, conscientious workers you need to reach the highest levels of compliance.  

A safe workplace starts with the right employees

An industry-leading recruiting firm, like LaborMax, can provide the attentive, conscientious workers you need to reach the highest levels of compliance.  Contact LaborMax today to learn more.