Talking Your Employees Off a Cliff

The holiday season is coming, that magical time of disappearing productivity. Focus lags, and attention turns away from work. Your employees are about to walk off the late-year output cliff. Your job is to talk them back from the ledge.
It’s a thankless job. But if you don’t take steps to refocus your team, the last few months of the year will drift by without anything getting accomplished.
Luckily, hope isn’t lost. Usually, it just takes a few small adjustments to reorient workers back to their day-to-day tasks. Here are some steps you can take to bring your employees back from the brink:

Set Clear Expectations

It’s easier to stay on track if you know where you’re supposed to be headed. Before the holiday season gets going in earnest (that is, before things get too distracting), take time to set some goals.
When you embark on this process, make sure to set reasonable expectations. Take the season into account, but layout targets your team can accomplish over the next few months. Create short-term goals, covering the next couple of weeks, while also outlining end-of-the-year objectives.

Stay Plugged In

You know that express, “start with yourself.” It applies here as well. To keep your employees focused, you need to stay on task yourself.
The same temptations that draw your workers away from productive work act on you as well. Guard against these. Stay involved in day-to-day activities. Don’t take more time off than you would gladly grant your workers.
In other words, set a good example and maintain your productivity standards.

Lean on Teamwork

In a contest between family life and the office, the family gets an advantage during the holidays. There’s not much you can do about that. However, you can add another social factor into the mix that might get you a little extra effort in the waning months of the year.
By increasing your reliance on teamwork, you let coworkers inspire each other. After all, no one wants to let their team down. By creating more group projects, you nurture another incentive to keep productive work habits.

Maintain Accountability

Our culture has a full gallery of anti-holiday grumps. You’ve got Scrooge. You’ve got the Grinch. In this case, you might risk joining that group.
Despite the season, you need to keep your eye on the corporate prize. Maintain accountability, even as the pull to relax increases. The extra discipline will allow you to keep things going during the lazy season.

Bring the Fun

All that said, sometimes, you can’t fight it. You have to lean into the season. Get too strict or become unreasonable, and you might lose your workers’ respect, a result that would ultimately prove counterproductive.
Instead, try to make it fun to stay productive. Create incentives and rewards for your staff to encourage them to maintain their focus. An occasional treat or a fun company outing won’t cripple your productivity. In fact, in the long run, it might add to it.

Ready to staff up for the holidays?

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