Job Searching for the Holidays

Many companies need to staff up for the holidays, forcing them to hire a lot of people quickly. That creates an opportunity for you. Not only does this provide you the chance to earn extra cash during the holidays, but it also opens the door to broader career development. Therefore, you should spend some time strategizing how to get the most out of your holiday job search. 

During the holiday hiring rush, companies tend to lower their usual hiring standards. This presents an opportunity for people with less experience to find at least a temporary position. In this way, holiday hiring provides a great chance to learn new skills and build out your resume. If you are looking to switch careers or learn a new industry, the holiday rush might give you a fantastic opportunity. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you search for a job this holiday season: 

Take Advantage of High Demand  

The holidays make employers desperate. It’s your fundamental supply-and-demand mismatch: employers need a lot of help, sending demand skyrocketing, but the supply of workers doesn’t increase.  

These circumstances give leverage to a worker, power that you should take advantage of while you search for a jobDo this by applying to multiple companies, and by looking for the best possible situation for you. You should also look for opportunities to negotiate for things like better schedules or specific perks. 

Establish Communication 

Like anything else, finding seasonal work gets easier when you can apply your networking skills. The better connected you are, the wider your choices will be. By using your network, you can find the best possible spot for you. 

As such, start making contacts before the seasonal rush begins. If you had a seasonal position last year, contact your supervisor there to see if something is available again this year. Pick out places that seem like potential landing spots for a seasonal gig, and introduce yourself before the hiring push. You can build contacts that will give you an inside track once its time to hire. 

Look to Build a Resume 

Don’t just view the holiday hiring season as a way to score some quick cash. It also represents an opportunity to jumpstart your career. The high demand allows you to get positions you might not be able to land under other circumstances. This opens the door to new possibilities. You can learn new skills and gain valuable experience.  

In other words, look at seasonal hiring as a way to build out a resume. It’s perfect for people who are new to the workforce and have a thin work history. Holiday hiring can also give a boost to people returning to professional life after time away.  

Get Your Foot ithe Door  

Finding a permanent job can prove challenging. Having an in at a company helps ease your way into a position. The holidays present an excellent opportunity to earn a longer-term spot.  

If you land a holiday positiondo everything you can to impress the people in charge. Put in the right effort and excel in your shortterm assignment. This will give you a good chance of getting a full-time position if one becomes available. 

Weighing all your options during the holiday hiring rush can seem overwhelming. Having a professional on your side can help. Partnering with a top-ranked staffing firm, like LaborMax, will simplify the situation, allowing you to find the best possible placement for you. 

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