Improving the Candidate Experience

Improving the experience for the candidate who applies for a job at your company is a nice thing to do. However, that’s not the main reason to make it a priority. It also provides definite benefits for you as well, leading to an improved brand, better access to talent, and a more efficient recruiting process.  

Making sure your candidates have all the information they need will streamline your process. You can review applications faster, and the interview process will be more efficient. Meanwhile, you will be able to make better hiring choices. Each of your candidates will be more relaxed and more open. You’ll ultimately learn more about them, resulting in a better overall choice.  

An improved experience will also boost your broader profile. The candidates will have nice things to say on social media and on job review sites. Your employer brand will improve, and you’ll find it easier to entice talent in the future.   

Given all these benefits, it’s clear that you should take steps to improve the candidate experience during your recruiting process. But how? Here are a few tips:  

Respect Their Time  

Often, employers treat the recruiting process like a cattle call. They gather as many resumes as possible and then ask for enormous amounts of follow-up information. They conduct tests, require essays, request the uploading of videos – anything they can think of to learn about the candidates in question.  

This may help the employer. However, it asks the applicant to invest a lot of time, even if their prospect of landing the job is very low. This can create a massive burden on the candidates.   

Instead of this aggressive program, keep the applicants in mind when designing your process. Cull your candidates in stages, saving the more time-consuming requests for later in the process. That way, the people applying for your position only invest their time when they have a real shot at the job.  

Create Lines of Communication  

You can earn a lot of good feelings just by keeping your candidates up-to-date on the process. Provide direct contact (rather than an anonymous HR email), an actual human who can act as a liaison between the applicant and the company. This way, the people applying have a way to ask questions and will feel more comfortable with the process.   

It’s also important to let candidates know where they stand. If they have been eliminated from consideration, let them know as soon as possible. Applying for a job is a stressful pursuit. Holding the applicants’ hands a little through the process makes them feel more comfortable.   

Make Them as Comfortable as Possible on the Interview  

The interview represents the moment of maximum discomfort for most candidates. After all, they are on full display, meeting with strangers looking to pick apart their flaws and grill them about their experience.  

Anything you can do to make the situation more comfortable will lead to a massive upgrade in their experience. Even small touches, like offering bottled water, can have a positive impact.   

As part of this effort, make the scheduling process as easy as possible. Think about the small inconveniences that can rattle a candidate and anticipate potential steps you can take to make the situation better. Consider things like traffic, parking, finding the location, and getting through security.  

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