How to Look Like a Unicorn on Your Resume, Without Lying About Experience

Every employer is looking for a unicorn, that magical creature who can fulfill every job requirement, and then some. Typically, these are viewed as near-mythical searches…no HR staffer ever really expects to find one. Hence the term “unicorn.” 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By setting up your resume the right way, you can get as close to being a unicorn as possible. This will let you stand out during the early stages of the application process, and give you an advantage as the recruitment process progresses.  

Here are a few steps you can take to look like a unicorn, without actually lying or exaggerating about your experience:  

Customize Your Resume  

Each position has specific qualifications and points of emphasis. These are usually different from other postings, even ones superficially in the same field.  In other words, what defines a unicorn varies from employer to employer, and from one situation to another.   

As such, you should shape your resume to fit the position at hand. By crafting the document to match the job description, you make it easier for HR staffers to imagine you in the role.  

Know Your Strengths   

To set yourself apart from the crowd (and to show that you’re a unicorn and not another horse), you need to know what distinguishes you from the competition. That process involves identifying your strongest features.   

It also requires that you understand the market, so you know how you will likely compare to the other people applying for the same position. To gain this information, conduct as much research as possible. At the same time, be honest with yourself and rationally assess your market position.  

Go Beyond the Job Description   

Holding the right qualifications to fulfill the job description represents just the first stage in getting identified as a unicorn. Almost everyone applying for the job will have the basic requirements met. Why else would they apply in the first place?   

Your job is to go beyond the job description. Show that you bring more to the table than the typical applicant. Fill out your resume with these extended skills, and give yourself an advantage over the competition.  

Stress Your Extraordinary Accomplishments   

Part of going beyond the job description is finding the places where you excel. Build your resume around your most extraordinary traits or your most impressive achievements. Highlighting these accomplishments sharpens your unicorn horn, making sure your best features get their due.  

Use a Cover Letter to Expand Your Pitch  

Resumes are restrictive documents. You can never include all the information you need to describe your abilities to their full measure. There just isn’t enough room.  

Luckily, there’s another tool available. The cover letter lets you expand on the themes you note briefly on your resume. You can provide more details and describe talents that you did not have space for in your work history.  

List a Broad Range of Skills  

You never know which skill or what experience will spark an employer’s imagination. As such, don’t self-edit yourself out of an opportunity. Just because something seems periphery to the position of hand, that doesn’t mean that the employer wouldn’t find it impressive.   

Instead, highlight the full range of skills you have. Even if none of them are particularly rare, the combination can prove unique.  

Ready to shine in your next position? 

Looking like a unicorn can help you impress potential employers. This gets easier when you’re uniquely suited for a position. By working with a top-flight recruiting partner, like LaborMax, you find the kinds of opportunities that perfectly fit your skills and background.  

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