How to Invite Passive Talent to an Interview

Including passive talent in your recruiting process offers significant team-building benefits. However, it’s often a more complicated process than the traditional recruiting procedure. Getting passive talent to agree to an interview takes some planning and requires a little nuance.  

The upsides often justify the added hassle. After all, the recruiting process typically comes down to luck, at least partially. The right people apply for the right job at the right time – a lot of things that have fit together perfectly for you to discover the ideal hire.  

Reaching out to passive talent can lower your reliance on chance encounters. You take full control of the recruitment, inviting the people you want into the process. However, this strategy comes with its own challenges. People are often wary of unsolicited offers. Invitations have to come with a certain tact.   

All that said, it’s possible to expand your search to involve passive talent. Here are a few steps you can take to tap into this market:  

Use Social Media to Scout Talent  

The modern media landscape presents an excellent tool for recruiting passage talent. It’s called social media.   

In the search for potential recruitment targets, your first step should be scouting attractive candidates. Do this by using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. These outlets let you locate interesting people and research their backgrounds before you make an approach.  

Continuously Make Connections  

Inviting someone to an interview out of the blue can present a jarring moment. People often don’t know how to react to a stranger approaching them about a potential job. To avoid this complication, you need to soften the ground a little, making the initial contact early, before launching a formal invitation to interview.  

That process takes some foresight. Enticing passive talent should involve a long term process. Think of it like networking: secure connections, make your introductions, and build relationships possible. You can move onto the interview invitation once you’ve nurtured some trust.  

Take the Long View  

Once you make connections, you need to develop them. Don’t only look at your current hiring cycle as you review potential candidates. Cultivate relationships with the long view in mind.  

Reach out from time to time, like their posts, and generally keep tabs of their career progress. Then, when you have the right fit between an open position and one of your passive targets, you can invite them for an interview. Not only will they be more receptive to the opportunity, you also already have a firm basis to start discussions.  

Streamline the Interview Structure   

If you keep your interview process simple and easy, people will be more likely to take a chance. After all, inviting somebody for a 15-minute phone call is much less onerous than trying to get them to show up at your office in person for a multi-hour meeting.   

Look for ways to make interviews more appealing for the candidates. Remember: passive recruits didn’t come to you first. To get them interested, keep the procedure as simple and streamlined as possible. This doesn’t just help the candidates. You benefit as well, as a stripped-down process also limits your risk. If the discussion proves fruitless, you didn’t waste your time and effort either.  

Concentrate on Your Employer Brand  

The better your reputation with potential employees, the easier it will be to entice passive talent. Your brand does some of the sales job for you. As such, any serious attempt to attract passive candidates requires a commitment to a strong employer brand.  

After all, if you’re reaching out to passive talents, you need to make the best first impression possible. The process effectively involves cold-calling potential hires. You want them to take your approach seriously, so make sure a strong reputation proceeds you.  

Need to Hire? 

Targeting passive talent is one way to take control of the hiring process. Partnering with a recruiting firm offers another. By teaming with a strong staffing agency, like LaborMax, you are better able to control your team-building efforts and better positioned to find the perfect workers to drive your future growth.  

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