Answering the Interview Question ‘Why Should I Hire You?’

It’s one of the simplest and most popular interview questions: “why should we hire you?” You might even consider it the most fundamental question you can receive. It gets to the basic quandary in any hiring process.   

While it seems simple, the “why should I hire you” query actually seeks to discover some nuanced information. Underlying the question are several sub-questions, ones you need to be ready to answer. Think of the question in these slightly more complex terms: what can you bring to the organization that someone else couldn’t?  

Providing a full answer to this requires some thought. However, it also offers you an opportunity. You get the chance to lay out your case and explain your value in explicit terms. To get the most out of your answer, here are a few steps to keep in mind:  

Do Your Research   

Every company has its ideal employee. The skills organizations are looking for can vary significantly from firm to firm. Don’t just assume you know what to emphasize when outlining why you make a good hire.  

Instead, look into the company ahead of time. Use their website and social media feeds to figure out the qualities they value most. Also, get as much information as you can from the interview itself. Leading up the “why should we hire you” question, look for hints about what they want most from a candidate. That way, you can steer your answer toward traits the company truly values.  

Don’t Just Repeat Your Resume  

Some job seekers respond to the “why should we hire you” question with a bullet-pointed summary of their resume. That’s a mistake. It squanders a good opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.  

Remember: your interviewers already have your resume in hand. You want to use the face-to-face time to provide a more nuanced sense of your value. As such, expand your answer beyond the basic qualifications for the job. Instead, touch on skills that might not be immediately obvious from your resume.  

Emphasize Your Soft Skills  

“Why should we hire you?” is a very broad question. Take advantage of that vagueness to turn the conversation to some of your better talking points. You get a chance to set the terms of discussion, so turn the conversation to your best qualities.  

Highlight your softer competencies, things like communication, organization, and leadership. These are likely obscured on your resume, and this question allows you to discuss them.  

Provide Specifics  

Generalities don’t tend to impress. Without specific examples, it’s easy to descend into a string of empty buzzwords. You want to make sure to back up all your claims with additional evidence.   

So, don’t just say, “I’m a leader.” Talk About a specific time you showed leadership. This will help you make your case and take full advantage of the interview opportunity.  

Point to the Future  

To get hired, you need to prove you can perform the specific task at hand. However, that’s not all the company will be looking for. Your interviewers want to know how you fit into their long-term plans. What’s your growth potential? Where will you fit in 5 years from now?  

Keep these concerns in mind as you craft your answer. Look toward the horizon as you explain your value. Employers are more likely to hire someone who will be part of their growth prospects for years to come.  

Get hired faster 

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