Pranks and Practical Jokes – Don’t be a Fool

April Fools’ Day provides an excellent opportunity to relieve stress and inject some humor into a potentially tedious office environment. However, there are limits. Taken too far, pranks and practical jokes, even when conceived as harmless fun, can create serious issues.   

It’s essential to loosen up at the office from time to time. Studies show that encouraging fun in the workplace can lead to concrete business benefits. For instance, a survey conducted by Robert Half International showed that 84% of executives associate a good sense of humor with good job performance. Meanwhile, 91% of respondents view humor as helpful for career advancement.  

Even with these potential benefits, it’s important to keep the practical joking in its place. A prank gone wrong can have wide-reaching implications. Usually, these ill-advised attempts at humor will only create a minor blip in morale. But, in extreme cases, they can lead to permanent rifts between coworkers, or even a lawsuit.  

A Little Goes a Long Way  

Having a little fun can give a boost to productivity in the long run. It lets your workers relieve stress and come together as a team. But it can also become a major distraction.  

For that reason, make sure your staff knows to keep any practical jokes under control. Communicate to your team that nothing should disrupt the normal course of business. Also, the prank shouldn’t damage property or violate harassment or discrimination policies.  

These restrictions are too obvious to mention. Remind your team about them anyway. It’s a mistake to assume that people naturally understand the appropriate limits. By clearly staking out the boundaries of acceptable fun, you avoid any misunderstandings.  

Set the Limits  

They say that the fastest way to ruin a joke is to explain it. The next level of that concept: discussing a corporate policy on humor. It may seem like creating and communicating a company-wide “joke policy” will only drain all the spontaneity and joy out of the endeavor. It won’t. However, it could save you significant headaches down the road.    

Create a clear policy about practical jokes, before anyone has a chance to pull one. This way, everyone is on the same page. Your team will know the acceptable limits and understand the consequences of going over the line.   

Communicating a transparent policy is the key to keeping a prank war from spiraling out of control. A wink-wink policy will only lead to trouble later. Instead, you want unassailable restrictions in place, making sure that the jokes remain harmless and fun for everyone involved (including the target of the prank).  

Reap Some Practical Benefits  

If you are going to allow practical jokes, you might as well get the most out of the situation. The fact that you run a fun workplace is the perfect fodder to enhance your brand.  

Post video, or even just a description of the prank, on your social media feed. It will showcase your team’s inventiveness and spirit. At the very least, the stunt can operate as a low-cost marketing opportunity (if the clip goes viral, it could generate significant interest).   

At the same time, the post will highlight your company’s fun-loving attitude, a move that will burnish your employer brand. Potential recruits will see that working for you can be a good time, as well as a productive experience. This will make it easier to find talent down the road.  

Creating a workplace where everyone feels safe and engaged will help you entice the best talent to join your organization. However, you’ll still need to find those top-flight workers.  

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