One Rejection Closer to Success – When You Didn’t Get the Job

It’s the most painful part of the job-search process. You go through the long and stressful recruitment procedures – delivering your application, fretting over your resume, and sweating through the interview – just to meet with rejection. However, you can’t let one “no” derail your plan. Instead, think of it as just another step on the road to success.  

How you deal with rejection will influence your ability to develop your career. After all, throughout your working life, you’ll receive far more rejections than job offers. Use those experiences to improve your skills and prepare yourself for the eventual “yes” down the road.  

Stay Calm  

Rejection is hard to take. On its most basic level, it means you’ll miss out on a potentially amazing opportunity. However, rejection can cut even deeper than that. The process can deflate your self-esteem, sparking fears that you aren’t ready for the kinds of positions you want to pursue.  

Don’t get freaked out. Instead, stay calm and approach the situation systematically. You can’t draw any broad conclusions from a single rejection. Rather, you need to place the experience in context, looking at it in the light of all the other positions you’ve applied for. In other words, maintain your composure and keep moving forward.  

Conduct a Post-Mortem  

While a single rejection shouldn’t alter your career trajectory, you can still learn from it. You may have made a mistake during the process that hurt your chances. If so, you don’t want to repeat the error. You need to look closely at how you handled yourself and find ways to get better.  

Your goal here is to upgrade your process. Walk through the steps you took during the recruitment and try to pinpoint areas of improvement. Consider details like answers you gave to specific interview questions or items on your resume that you might need to bulk up.  

As painful as it feels, run this review while everything is still fresh. Try not to get emotional about it. Instead, think of this rejection as practice for next time, when you’ll be that much more likely to land the job.   

Stay in Touch  

Even though they just rejected you, don’t give up on that particular company. Maybe you weren’t their first choice for that specific role. But you might still fit in somewhere else down the road. A different opportunity might present itself, or they might revisit you during the next hiring cycle.   

As such, take any rejection in stride. Don’t lash out at the hiring personnel at the company. Instead, maintain the good impression you’ve made and try to stay in touch with the people you’ve met there. Leaving good feelings behind could put you at the top of the list for the next opportunity that comes up there.  

Focus on Your Next Opportunity  

As we’ve discussed, you want to learn from your mistakes and maintain a relationship with the people you’ve met during the recruitment process (even though they rejected you this time around). However, you don’t want to get bogged down in the past. You want to keep your attention firmly focused on the horizon.  

It’s important not to dwell on your rejection. Gain as much insight as you can, but your thoughts should remain targeted toward your future opportunities.  

Until you’ve accepted an offer, keep moving forward with your job search. As much as you can, engage with multiple opportunities at once. Don’t become overly invested in any one situation. This way, it’s easy to keep rejection in perspective. You can quickly move on to the next opening.  

Casting a wide net helps keep your options open, allowing you to push your career forward. Partnering with a strong staffing agency, like LaborMax, gives you access to a broad set of opportunities, making it easy to find a position that suits your skills and background. 

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