Getting Ready to Get Back to Work After a Gap

You’ve taken some time off from your career. Now you’re thinking about jumping back into the workforce. How do you prepare yourself? How do you get ready to get back to work after that long gap?  

The transition can be more complicated than you think. It would be best if you prepared yourself physically and mentally for a new chapter in your life. However, with some preparation, you can make a smooth transition into a renewed working life.   

There’s a lot of reasons why someone might take a break from their career. You could be out of work due to injury, maternity/paternity leave, raising your kids, or tending to a sick family member. Maybe your former company hit a road bump due to the COVID outbreak or any other reason.   

Whatever the cause of the gap, don’t feel shy about getting back in the labor pool. If you feel ready, jump right in. Here are a few things to keep in mind while getting ready to get back to work after a gap:  

Give Yourself Time to Adjust  

After carefully weighing your options, you’ve made a choice to get back to work. Even so, arriving at that decision doesn’t mean you need to start sending out your resume immediately. Take time to adjust to the idea of relaunching your career.  

After all, rejoining the workforce isn’t an easy decision. You may have mixed feelings. Give yourself a moment to become comfortable with your choice.   

Make a Transition Plan  

Once you’ve become comfortable with your decision to return, it’s time to get down to business. The process starts with a plan. Set out the procedures you will follow as you conduct your job hunt. This involves a few steps:  

Frame Your Career Goals. Figure out what kind of position would fit your current situation.  

Target Your Search. List keywords, qualifications, and skills that will help you find the ideal job.  

Craft Your Resume. Update your work history and skills to maximize your ability to score the type of position you want.  

Get Used to Your New Schedule. Getting back in the workforce means living your life according to someone else’s schedule. To ease the transition, start altering your daily routine to make time for a job. Move your chores and other errands to points in the day you’ll still have available after landing a position. You can use the time set aside for your workday to look for your job.  

Arrange Any Family Needs  

In your absence from the workforce, you likely took on some additional family responsibilities. Whether that involved raising your kids or helping out other friends and relatives, you’ll have to find alternatives once you start working. Start that process early. Make arrangements for childcare and other necessities in anticipation of finding a job.  

Don’t Overschedule Your Personal Life  

Adding a new career to an already busy personal life can create conflicts. Don’t make this worse by trying to overdo your home life. Now might not be the time to start a new hobby or plan a large family vacation. Leave some space to develop a new work/life balance.  

As part of this process, make sure to schedule some “me” time. After all, returning to the workforce can be stressful. Set aside some portion of the day to rest and reflect so that you can protect your mental health during the transition.  

Be Patient (Both With the Process and with Yourself)  

You might not find a position right away. Don’t get frustrated. Finding a job often represents a marathon rather than a sprint. You might get lucky and score a perfect situation immediately. But, more likely, you’ll have to wade through some rejection first. Stay positive and keep trying.  

Ready to get Back to Work?

Getting back in the workforce can represent a major change in your life. Having professional advice can ease the transition. By partnering with a strong recruiting firm, like LaborMAX Staffing, you can quickly and efficiently get back into the game.  Contact LaborMAX Staffing today to learn how they can help you relaunch your career.