5 Things You Should Do After an Interview to Land a Job in the Light Industrial Field

Applying for a position in the light industrial field can be extremely competitive. You need to take every opportunity to improve your chances of getting hired…even the seemingly dead space right after a job interview.   

While an interview often feels like the end of the recruitment process, there are still things you can do to improve your chances. True, it’s now mostly up to the employer to make a decision. But you can still sway the results.   

With that in mind, here are five steps you can take after an interview to improve your chances of landing a job in the light industrial field.:  

Stay in Contact  

A successful interview is all about establishing a relationship with the people making the hiring decision. In the post-interview timeframe, you can strengthen those bonds. Touch base with your interviewers after the meeting. This way, you make sure they remember you fondly and keep your name in contention.  

The easiest way to achieve this goal: send a “thank you” note. Even just a short email can do enough to show your gratitude and separate you from the competition.  

Don’t Become a Stalker  

There’s a limit to the “stay in contact” rule. Remember: the hiring process can take a long time. In the manufacturing sector, the average time-to-hire sits at 30.7 working days, or about six weeks. So, don’t necessarily expect a decision right away.  

Given these stats, it’s important that you remain patient. You don’t help your case by aggressively pushing the firm’s HR managers for an answer. If anything, an overly-pushy approach will only lower your chances of getting hired. So, check in periodically, as appropriate. But don’t overstep your bounds and enter stalker territory.  

Look for Ways to Improve (But Don’t Beat Yourself Up)  

Even a bad interview has some value. You aren’t going to get every job, but every interview represents a potential learning experience. No matter how you did in a particular meeting, you can improve your skills and succeed the next time.  

So, hard as it can be, it’s time for a little post-game analysis. Think about how you answered your questions and how the interviewers responded. Look for ways you could have improve your performance. Try to stay objective about your performance. It doesn’t do any good to beat yourself up. But an honest review of your performance could lead to a different job offer down the line.   

Don’t Get Discouraged  

After a series of interviews, your enthusiasm might start to fade. Each meeting features the same questions, the same get-to-know-you discussions, and the same waiting game afterwards. The cycle can get discouraging.  

Don’t fall into this trap. No matter what happens on a particular interview, keep your spirits up. Even if you don’t get this particular job, you might land something else with the same company down the line. You never know when an opportunity will show up. Stay optimistic and treat every interview as a chance to get your career moving in the right direction.  

Keep Your Job Search Going  

You can’t control whether you will land this particular job. The decision is out of your hands. However, you should stay on offense as you plan your next move.   

While waiting to hear from the company you interviewed with, keep your job search going. Apply to other jobs. Schedule other interviews. Even if you think the one position is your perfect situation, push ahead with other potential employers. That way, you’ll have backup plans if you don’t get the offer you expect.  

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