Turning the Tables: 3 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer During an Industrial Job Interview

You probably picture a typical industrial job interview as a very intimidating process. In your nightmare version, it might seem like something close to a police interrogation. They ask questions and you sweat through your answers. In this scenario, it’s hard to imagine turning the tables and asking questions of your own.  

However, this isn’t how an interview should go. In the best-case scenarios, these meetings should more closely resemble a friendly conversation. You want to gather as much information as you give.  

Usually, the best time to learn about the company comes at the end of the interview. Most hiring managers will give you a chance to ask questions as the meeting is winding up. Take advantage of this opening.  

The invitation to ask a few questions is your best chance to take control and talk about what you want to talk about.  

And when you get that chance, here are three questions you should ask your interviewer as you look to land that perfect industrial job:  

What are the opportunities for career advancement?  

Many people think of industrial work as a way to pick up a paycheck. However, you can get more out of the situation. An industrial position could represent the opening you need to push your career forward over the long haul.   

Many companies have additional training opportunities and other ways to expand your horizons. You can learn new skills, and some firms also prioritize promoting from within. If that’s true, it means you could work towards a leadership role or even a management position.  

Asking this question lets you know if there are those long-term possibilities at this particular firm. At the same time, bringing up the subject shows you have ambition. It signals that you are the type of person who will go the extra mile for the right incentive.  

Tell me about your best employee and what traits make them so good at their job.  

Every company values skills differently. At the same time, positions often require surprising qualities to succeed. When asking this question, you can learn the “secret sauce” to becoming the best-possible employee.   

Of course, you want to do more than just learn how to excel at a specific job. The question should act as a conversation starter. Hopefully, you display the important traits that your interviewer lists. You can use the discussion as an opening to sell yourself further.  

To do this, find ways to highlight your experience. If they list a trait, explain how you have exhibited it in the past. For example, imagine they respond, “our best employee is an amazing communicator.” You can then list times when your communication skills came into play in previous positions  

Why are you hiring right now?  

Taking a job is a little like getting married. Your prospects are now tied to the prospects of the company. Going into the relationship, you’d like to know that the future looks good.  

Ideally, you want to find a company that is expanding. If the firm is adding workers because it’s growing its revenue and adding new products, that’s a great sign for the future. You won’t have to worry about layoffs, and the possibility for advancement is likely strong.  

Knowledge is critical in picking the perfect job. You can gather this information with well-chosen questions at an interview.  

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