7 Things Light Industrial Employers Need on Their Interview Checklist

The job interview represents an important step in the recruitment process for any light industrial employer. It could be your only chance to meet with a candidate before you make a hiring decision. Going into the discussion, you should have a checklist of key skills in mind, so that you’re sure to get the information you need to make the right choice.  

Selecting the perfect employee means finding a candidate with a broad range of skills. They need the hard skills required for the specific position and the soft skills necessary to thrive in the modern workplace. By making a well-considered “wish list,” you make it easier to narrow the competition and find the ideal fit for your organization.   

With that in mind, here are the seven things every light industrial employer needs to have on their interview checklist:  

Experience Level  

A rich level of experience helps a worker fly through the onboarding process and become more productive once they reach the manufacturing floor. Since they’ve seen it all before, they can easily slot into their new role at your company. High experience levels lead to shorter training cycles and create possible leadership scenarios.  


When are your candidate available to work? It’s an important question when you’re running an operation with multiple shifts and with variable output needs. Will a candidate be able to switch to a night shift to cover an absent worker? Can they stick around for overtime if you need to fill a rush order? These are essential pieces of information to discover during the interview process.  


Light industrial operations involve many different roles working together to create a final product. Ideally, you want a worker who can bounce around to any task. These versatile employees allow you to reach the productivity levels you require to stay competitive. During the review process, gauge how flexible each candidate can be.  

Tech Savvy  

The modern light industrial workplace runs on technology. You need to know that your future employees can handle the devices and machinery you use in your day-to-day operations. During the interview, find out what competencies they already have. In addition, ask about their ability to learn new techniques and to master cutting-edge tech as its developed.  

Safety Conscious   

Safety is a team effort. You need each of your employees on the same page to reach the highest compliance levels. That requires every one of your employees to show awareness, attention to detail, and the right mindset. Use the interview to make sure each of your candidates has these traits.  

Team Dynamics   

Getting anything done in a light industrial workplace requires a group effort. Every employee has to be a team player, able to communicate effectively and get along with their coworkers. Ask questions designed to uncover your candidates’ abilities to operate in a team setting.  


It’s never too early to start looking for future leaders. Even if you’re hiring for an entry-level position, you should uncover any future management potential. These workers will be top performers early in their careers with your company and have the promise to become something even more later on.  

Finding ideal employees means getting the most out of the interview process. Having expert advice gives you an additional edge. By teaming with a strong recruiting partner, like LaborMAX, you can bring your team-building efforts to the next level.  

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