How Do I Look For a New Job While Still Employed?

To push your career forward, you have to seek out fresh opportunities. That means never being satisfied with the status quo. As part of this aggressive approach, you might need to look for a new job while still employed at your current position.  

Don’t feel bad. This isn’t like a personal relationship. Flirting with other employers while you hold down a job isn’t the professional equivalent of cheating. It’s extremely common. One study showed that 70% of workers are actively seeking out a fresh position.  

Common as the practice is, chasing these career upgrades takes some nuance and tact. It may not be cheating in a moral sense, but your semi-adulterous job search could have real consequences. If discovered, you could derail your career at your current employer, or even find yourself fired. These factors make the process a touchy subject.  

That said, there are steps you can take. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you look for a new job while you are still employed somewhere else:  

Be Discrete   

Maybe you are using your job search as some sort of power play. If you’re pulling that kind of Game of Thrones maneuver to climb the corporate ladder, broadcasting your attempt to find a new position might make sense. But, in most cases, you should keep the process as quiet as possible.  

Don’t confide in your boss or your coworkers. Even if you consider them close friends, it’s best to stay discrete. It may feel a little sneaky, but the fewer people know about your intentions, the less likely it is that you’ll stumble into an embarrassing situation.  

Keep Quiet on Social Media  

Discretion doesn’t stop at the office door. You don’t just need to stay careful when interacting with coworkers and supervisors. You should also keep your job search quiet on social media as well.  

This can be difficult. After all, networking provides a crucial strategy for landing a new job, and social media represents a key networking tool. But to avoid your job search from becoming the talk of the office, you should stay off public platforms. If you need to reach out, stick to one-on-one networking interactions with contacts outside your immediate work circle.  

Don’t Search on Company Time (or with Company Equipment)  

You’re excited about new opportunities and it’s tempting to take advantage of any resources you have available. But don’t utilize company time or company equipment to push your job search forward. That means no searching during work hours and no using your firm’s computers, phones, faxes, copy machines, or email addresses to make contact with potential employers.  

Employing your firm’s resources to get another job presents an obvious ethical problem. That might not be a big concern for you. But there are practical concerns as well. taking your job search into the company’s sphere of influence makes it significantly more likely that your efforts will become public.  

Watch Your References  

Potential employers will want to contact your references. That’s only natural. But when you already have a job, you need to be smart about who you include on your list.  

Don’t steer hiring managers to your current supervisor or coworkers. True, these might represent the people best positioned to describe your current work habits and skill levels. Unfortunately, they are off-limits, as you try to keep your job search under the radar.  

As part of this, you should inform any potential employers that you still have a job. This will let them know that you are trying to be discrete.  

Be Sure of Your New Opportunity  

Time to discuss the old bird-in-the-hand scenario. Sure, you want a new job. And, yes, the fact that you’re searching suggests that you’ve got one foot out the door. But don’t plan your big mic-drop, tell-off-the-boss exit just yet. Make sure you have a solid offer before you say “goodbye” to your current paycheck.  

Along these lines, don’t let your work for your current employer slip. Your mind may have wandered to other opportunities, but you still have to maintain your position for the time being. Stay productive and engaged. If a better job comes along, you can jump on it. Otherwise, you’ll have to make the best of your current situation.  

Finding a new job Poses a Challenge in any Situation  

Job searching while already employed adds a complicating cloak-and-dagger aspect. Why not let a staffing agency help? By partnering with a strong recruiter, like LaborMAX, you fast-track your ability to find the perfect position for you.  

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