You Made It! 2020 Is Almost a Wrap – Time to Set Your 2021 Career Goals

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The New Year’s celebrations this year will have a bitter/sweet character. Social distancing will likely put a damper on party plans. That’s the bitter part. The sweet part? Well, at least 2020 is finally over…  

This fact leads to an obvious question: what’s in store for 2021? Like in the previous year, much of what will happen will remain out of your control. Still, there are ways to take some charge, especially in the realm of your career development.   

Yep, 2020 is almost a wrap. But don’t take too much time celebrating. The end of the year just means it’s time to set your 2021 career goals. Here’s how:  

Take Stock  

Given the strange and confusing events of 2020, you might feel a bit disoriented headed into the new year. For most of us, January 1st is going to come with an overwhelming sense of “what happened?”   

Before 2021 gets rolling, you need to realign your goals. Take stock of what’s changed and research the current state of the market. With this information, you can set targeted goals for the next 12 months.  

Review Your Master Plan  

2020 derailed a lot of long-term career plans. Going into 2021, you might have to reassess your big-picture goals. Don’t feel bad about this. Most of the world is doing the same thing.  

The key is to let your 2021 goals stem from your broader ambitions. Look out a few years and consider where you want to be. 2020 may have changed this vision or caused an unfortunate delay. By reviewing your master plan, you can reset your shorter-term objectives and make real progress over the next year.  

Consult Your Network  

Communication was a central theme of 2020. With in-person meetings becoming difficult in most places, people relied more heavily on remote means. Use this shift to your advantage. Turn 2021 into The Year of Networking.  

As you set your goals for the coming 12 months, talk to the people you trust and contact your best industry connections. The advice you receive will help you understand a quickly changing market. This, in turn, will allow you to set realistic goals for 2021.  

Make a 2021 Checklist  

When you want to organize your day, you use a schedule and a To-Do list. A year might be a significantly more extended period of time (365-times longer, to be exact). But the same principles still hold.   

Write down your goals for 2021. Break them down into achievable chunks. As you reach your objectives, check them off your list. This will give you a sense of accomplishment as you go along. At the same time, you can track your progress as the months unfold.  

Rank Your Goals  

Goals come in multiple varieties. Some are extremely practical. Others are more fanciful. Some objectives are time sensitive. Others can wait for the right moment.  

Understand and embrace these differences. Rank your goals in terms of achievability, importance, and time sensitivity. This will help you prioritize your options as individual goals come into conflict.   

Stay Flexible  

Remember the plans you had headed into 2020? We didn’t think so. The same is likely going to be the same for the next 12 months. Any specific schemes you concoct now may not have much relevance by July.  

If 2020 had any overarching lesson, it was this: you need to stay flexible. Prepare to review your goals throughout the year and alter your course as necessary.  

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