5 Ways to Make Sure Your Employees Feel Appreciated

Thank you. I appreciate it. I value you so much. That’s not so hard, is it?   

Of course, making your employees feel appreciated isn’t quite as easy as just saying it out loud. That tactic for spreading good vibes is easy (and free). But, in a professional environment, the process can get more complex.  

Still, it’s essential to figure out a way to send that message. One study suggested that providing a sense of gratitude boosted productivity by 50%. That’s a significant gain from a little appreciation.  

So how do you do it? How do you impart that thankful feeling, beyond just saying “thank you?” Here are five ways to make sure your employees feel appreciated:  

Stay Positive

You run a well-oiled machine. Everyone knows their jobs and does them well. The result? If you’re not careful, the only interactions you’ll have with your employees come when someone makes a mistake.   

Don’t let this happen. That sets an unintended negative tone for the office. Instead, take time for praise. Let your employees know that they’re appreciated when things are going well.  

And when challenges come up? Keep up the positive attitude. Focus on the opportunity and solve problems in a calm, professional manner. This upbeat approach will create a general atmosphere of appreciation.  

Incentivize Effort

Identify performances that go beyond expectations. More than that, reward the added effort. A well-timed bonus or special gift will let your employees know you see their contributions.   

Make this process part of your workplace routine. Set up contests to encourage individual effort. On a broader scale, incentivize your team by setting aggressive goals and defining rewards for achieving them. By doing this, appreciation for good work will become part of the underlying mechanism of how you operate.   

Maintain Transparent Communication

Nothing stirs up anxiety like sudden shocks to the system. Generally speaking, employees want to know what to expect when they arrive at work in the morning. Creating a transparent operation gives them a sense of security.  

You make this possible by providing open communication. You can’t share every discussion with every employee. But it would help if you managed expectations and clearly outline your team’s general trajectory for the foreseeable future.  

Encourage Feedback

Your employees don’t just want to be told that they are appreciated. They want to feel it. This comes from making them part of the larger organization. Then, they aren’t just cogs in a machine. They are part of a team striving for a unified goal.  

Accomplish this by encouraging feedback. Ask for ideas and include your employees in conversations about the future of the company.  

Facilitate a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Encourage your employees to find sources of joy outside of work. Provide flexible schedules and make it easy to use vacation days. This way, you help your team members spend time with their families and friends. You also facilitate their ability to cultivate hobbies.  

This may seem counterintuitive as if you are losing valuable working time to other interests. But take the long view. These outside engagements allow your employees to rest and to relax. You’ll minimize the chance of burnout and allow them to concentrate on work at the appropriate times fully.  

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